Year in Review:Runner Up Album of 2014

Favorite albums of the year: Kasabian 48:13

48:13 (copyright: Kasabian)

48:13 (copyright: Kasabian)

Kasabian‘s 48:13 album was a key highlight in music in 2014.

48:13, which was released on June 9 and is the Leicester’s band’s 5th studio album, sees the band push the psychedelic rock genre to a new level.

Opening track Shiva, this is short, eerie and instrumental leads into epic Bumblebee and gives a narrative to the album easing listeners in. Bumblebee, which is memorable with its bold monstrous sound, sees the band provide fans with a treat when they hear the song live.

Stevie, which is the third track on the album and released as a third single, features a chilling opening of a strings quartet leading into a confident approach showing Kasabian are at the top of their game providing hit after hit in their back catalogue.

Towards the end of the album a more calm, mellow approach is taken with guitarist and main songwriter Sergio Pizzarno taking lead on vocals with track Glass, Bow and S.P.S. Final track S.P.S, is fitting final on 48:13, with beautiful lyrics such as ‘Even though I know it’s strong, it’s time for us to get back home’, feeling as if it is end of an era for the four piece band.

The album which was produced by Pizzarno sees influences from Led Zeppelin and Kanye West, with the album hard to define crossing genres. Pizzarno’s creativity and experimentation shines through becoming a firm favorite with fans and critics alike by not sounding like anything they have done before or compared to anyone else in the charts.

Eez-eh, which brought the band fronted by Tom Meighan back into the spotlight, following 2011’s Velocipraptor, is nominated for Best Single at next year’s NME Awards. The track is fierce, cheeky and fun with catchy hooks and firm favorite among festival goers this summer.

Highlight of the album is Treat, which I was fortunate enough to see live and a clear forerunner in the set. Pizzarno’s live version features a remix of Cameo’s Word Up at an epic 6:52 with an instrumental outro and works brilliantly live.

48:13, which is a reference to the band’s running time, have released a deluxe version with tracks Beanz and Gelfling providing more eccentricity and psychadelia.

Overall 48:13 marked a huge year for Kasabian: a number 1 album, a sell out homecoming show at Leicester’s Victoria Park as well a headline slot at Worthy Farm proved Kasabian are one of the very few band who have managed to maintain a successful career with each album succeeding the previous album.

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