Writing for the web

When writing online there is more interactivity with the reader, with the page not being static but alive. The readers are interacting online by hyper-linking, in print newspapers consumers read in a linear way but online it is more free due to hyper-linking and changing between different pages.

The internet has allowed anyone to publish, with a lot more material online most of it seeming not useful. It is however more accessible creating more quantity for the audience. When writing online you should keep to the same standard and quality as in print while also trying to send out a message to the readers when creating a post. The main message you should be sending out is to keep the entertained by what you have written.

When writing for the web it has changed the readers expectations online in recent years sites such as live blogs and Twitter it is providing live updates, which print cannot do. With online you can constantly update news by the time we read it in newspapers it is old news because we have already read it online. What’s more with it being multimedia we can get it in a variety of forms of media.

For journalists however they do not receive the creditability that they should be recognised for due to there being so much content and material online. Therefore it is important for journalists to make sure they credit their own work.

Seeing as we are writing for a more eclectic and wider audience keywords are important so that the articles you write can be found by readers. In print we don’t need or use keywords because the consumers have already bought the newspapers, magazines etc. It is important for the keywords to be clear and concise.

In terms of news providers they don’t seem to own the news as much as they use to. It seems to be more equal due to everyone now creating the news online through blogs and social network sites.

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