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This week I had to create a presentation on a journalism work placement I had taken and discuss my experience and roles during the internship.

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TipMine is an online website founded in America which share, saves and collects tips between users. I had a placement at TipMine for 3 months but got extended to 8 months due to enjoying the placement and wanting to gain more experience and knowledge of my time there.  I had an editorial and marketing role which I gained more editorial control over of how much and what I chose to write. The website dealt with numerous categories such as graduates, employment and gaming catering for each online user and their interests.


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Here are the roles I was giving during the 8 month placement which I had to complete every week to 2 weeks. I would write content for categories such as music, cooking, students, photography etc as well as pushing myself to try new categories and write in topics I had no experience in such as automotive, gardening and sport. I used promotional websites such as Pinterest, Linkedin, Scoop It, Twitter and WordPress to promote the work I was writing and the site as a whole.

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The skills I have gained in university such as being able to write with a critical eye  and from a analytic point of view using theories and academic material. Also researching contacts an sources for a news story, how to research the topic allows us to have more control in my journalistic writing. The ability to meet deadlines and having a structured timetable creates organisation which can used in work placements and working life. The skills I gained from the work placement is professional communication with the employers contacting them every week through email and Skype giving updates on my work and the progress I was making. They were also there to support me if I needed any help with the tasks I was given. I was taught how to create infographics which is a visual way of receiving information and is more consumable and creative for the audience. I was motivated each week to create new and interesting articles and tips by wanting to push myself to produce content in different categories and get experience in something new.

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Being able to collect, share and save tips is a great way to connect with internet users and promote citizen journalism. Contributors to the site would come from all over the world allowing the website to have experience and knowledge from their culture and background. Building a portfolio with the articles, interviews and tips I was creating shows my experience I had gained over the placement and all the work I had produced.

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I received weekly feedback on the posts written giving positive and something to work on which I found helped greatly. I would also receive how many views my tips were receiving. I always completed tasks on time sticking the set deadline, a skill I developed through my university and coursework. I was capable of completely the set tasks given both independently and working alongside the employers also trying new and different of getting the user to visit the site.

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The current UK job market and unemployment at a high, especially with the younger generation, employment is hard to go by. The journalism and media sector being a competitive market. Developing and building your portfolio of your work you are most proud of can help with future reference to both employment and more work placements. Building a network of contacts of emails and phone numbers which you can use for any advice, employment or even news stories. By getting as much experience as you can will develop your skills and experience. By having different roles gives you a taster of journalistic work and which role you would find more suitable for future employment. According to Career Paths, people who you know help get you a job with the employers already knowing your journalistic skills and capability due to previous experience together.

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The references I used to create my work placement presentation.

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