What im listening to….

What im listening to….N.E.R.D/Pharrell

After hearing the brand new Daft Punk single “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell. I have since re-discovered my love for Pharrell. His vocals on the new French duo’s track are fantastic. Even though fans are still undecided on the single if its Punk enough, even though it has reached number 1 in the UK this week (28/04/13), their first track in six years. Pharrell contributes a charismatic and a smoothness to the track.

After hearing Pharrell I wanted to  re-discover some of his past work with the N.E.R.D and the Neptunes.  I first get into Pharrell and N.E.R.D way back in 2001 when they had first formed.  I was listening to this group when I was a young teenage tracks such as “Lapdance” and “Rockstar” bring a sharp yet rock feel to the tracks.

Pharrell’s track “Frontin” for which I thought was melancholy yet seductive allowing Pharrell to showcase his alternative and independent style to R&B through the song and video.

The tracks “She wants to move” and “Everybody Nose” bring the best from the rap group showing their quirky and fierce style allowing the fans to dance and have fun when they perform the songs in convert and playing in clubs.