The strategy to SEO: 4 steps of introducing social media to a start-up business

316million monthly active users on Twitter, 100 million daily active users on Snapchat and 350million monthly users on Soundcloud.

These figures may seem extortionate when it comes to social media activity but whether or not you recognise and use these brands –they all started out as small relatively unknown business. Whether your organisation is in- travel, home living or gardening social media plays a strategic role in setting up and the making of any expanding business. In this blog, we will explore the four steps of introducing social media into your corporation, which can drive traffic and the return of visitors.

  1. Eagle-eyed and Engaged

Sounds pretty simple, right? Whether it is a blog or website, your target audience needs to be aware you are uploading content on a daily basis. A new product, blog piece or even the sharing of a piece of news, which caters to your target audience, of course,  consistently adding content  will increase interest from new online users while also keeping your regular visitors happy.

  1. Keeping your fingers in all the social media pies.

The company speciality does not need to matter when it comes to social media. Thereby do not try to limit the amount of social media accounts you sign up to with there being plenty to choose from -Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are some to name a few. The public have become social media savvy with Facebook accounting for 21% of all social media traffic to websites. Integrating multimedia content such as videos, images and posts will only develop the traffic on social media platforms.

  1. SEO and social media go hand in hand.

Once the social media accounts are signed up to it does not stop there. Do not expect traffic to automatically come flooding in because you have a Facebook or Twitter page. Taking the time to create tags and SEO’s for the posts or pages will help achieve optimisation, in finding the specific content. The more concise the tagline is the better in finding your site and driving traffic.

  1. One step closer to success

The final step in getting closer to reaching a wider audience is through analytic reports. The creation of monthly/weekly reports, on the traffic coming back towards your site, by noting which posts or pages are receiving the most views throughout the day. By keeping track of the views received will raise awareness for future reference for which posts are doing better than others- during specific times of the day.  The reports can drive less successful posts into getting the traffic and recognition they truly deserve.

A business plan will involve marketing and social media. Less than a decade ago social media was still terms for us to all get our heads around. Social media is still a learning process to keep up with the ever-expanding digitally literate world. In 2015, the public have become reliant on social media –receiving updates consistently regarding new products and services. Growing your target audience in a start-up business is not going to be an overnight success, with social media and traffic taking time to get the acknowledgment of the company and the brand.

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