The end of photojournalism….

John Sarkowski, the renowned curator of photography at MOMA New York even said that photojournalism stopped being interesting after 1958.Since then so much has changed through media and photography such as the globalization of the media, the acceptance of photography as ‘art’ and the move from film to digital. These rapid changes has caused photojournalism to suffer due to the major recessions with the advertising size has shrunk, which has lead to lay-offs and editorial budgets constricted. A few photojournalists are kept on to help provide ‘illustration’ and visual work but there is no visualjournalism or reportage being supported by so called news organizations.Although there is still a huge commitment to photojournalism and what they produce.

Magazines and newspapers are no longer putting money into photojournalism, they do commission a portrait or two as well as sending a photographer off with a writer to illustrate the writer’s story, but longer fund photojournalism. Money is still around in newspapers and magazines it is just spent on other things.

Photojournalism has now reached a stage where magazine supplements offer less money for a story which might be used over a cover and eight pages than newspapers offer for a single photo of a celebrity.

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