Production Analysis

Length-it needs to be 1500 words within a 100 words is ok, no more or no less. You need to think about how you are going to break down the 1500 words with intro and conclusion around 250 leaving a 1000 for the body of the text.

You need it in by the deadline, May 10th, in the faculty office.

References-you need three academic references for the essays. They need to be from media articles, media books that has said something relevant to the essay. You are looking for references that talk about design or editorial design. For instance, grids where grids come from, the use of colour, semiotics, the development of design. That design is a process and that you have referenced it in respect of your own work. Historical context. that is looking at design in the past.

You need to reference two editorial publications as what to do and what not to do. You need to make remarks about how they use colour or where they put their images and how they have influenced your design and layout.

You should mention and structure in these areas

1) the origin of your work/where has the idea come from

specifically about your ideas, where it fits historically and where the idea of your design has come from in traditions

2) how you develop your idea

how you developed it into a layout or design. What choices did you make? and how it fits in a historical context of journalistic layouts. The impact of online, how it has changed the design, limitations and advantages. For instance not doing a lot of black on white online, not a lot of freedom online.

3)The challenges you faced

In about achieving in your design. The technical design for instance the resolution of the colours, not having access of the images

4) Conclusion

the design about the thought process

How is it made up

Intro-have you answered the question directly, how you appraised the material critically, have you foreground your own work, is the work coherent.

Content, shape of the pages, page numbers,

target readership-demographics, advertising, editorial ratio, cost, the profile of your reader, address you readers, needs to match the readers needs

Design-fonts, your text size why you have chosen it, how you have structured your page, how many columns you have used. Line spacing, paragraph style, drop caps, pull quotes, facts boxes.use of colour, boxing content, cut outs, numbered pages, footers/headers, icons.

The strengths and weaknesses of your work-what you achieved and any problems you faced.

The conclusion is about what you have achieved and what you set out, if it hasn’t why not.