Press releases

Press releases are generally released by public relations. They usually provide news to do with an event,

When you become a journalist press releases send you a news information, if a press release comes through well written you can lift it and put it into the news.

What is the purpose of this press release?

The facts in this press release?


Wireless sensors improve sea turtles survival rate

Wireless sensors are to help improve the survival rate of loggerhead sea turtles in Kamogawa Sea World in Chiba Prefecture, in cooperation with Japan’s government.

The loggerhead turtles being deemed as a “priority species” by global conservation groups such as World Wildlife Fund. Regardless of them being one of the most common turtle species in the seas, vast numbers are under threat thanks to their breeding beaches being ruined along the Mediterranean coast.

Japan’s electronics maker, Epson has been improving its equipment by developing temperature sensor and hatching sensors that last beyond six months in the sand.  The data, is measured every 30 minutes, and is collected within the equipment. The temperatures are sent and received throughout the day and are gathered wirelessly by park staff once a day.






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