Influential Book Covers: From Old Classics to to Modern Favorites

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (Recommended by Chloe Dobinson)

Discovering that A Clockwork Orange was banned, while the film had been described as gruesome, grotesque and garisha-clockwork-orange, only tempted me to read and judge the book for myself.

The numerous printed versions of the Anthony Burgess novel have featured many illustrations, with my own personal copy – a penguin edition – displaying a striking white against orange cover with the words ‘Banned Books’ sprawled across it. My favourite cover, however, is the ‘Modern Classics’ edition, which features a simple glass of milk. This image is both intriguing and appealing because it doesn’t give any hints as to what the story might be about, and it doesn’t try to influence the reader with fancy illustrations or words.

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