Culturefly’s Best Albums of 2015

Culturefly have featured my 2 favorite albums from 2015 on their best album list. The year saw great debuts to long-awaited returns from massive bands and artists. Both albums I chose fitted in one of those categories -including the debut from Wolf Alice and the return of Blur as a 4-piece.

Wolf Alice- My Love is Cool


My Love is Cool by North London four piece Wolf Alice was released last summer, and it’s been getting more and more recognition since then. ‘Giant Peach’ helped make Wolf Alice well-known, proving they’ve got what it takes to be a successful young band on both sides of the Atlantic, while still having fun at the same time. The track is a raucous and confident introduction which sounds as if it’s performed by a much older, more experienced band. The vulnerability in tracks such as ‘Bros’ and ‘You’re a Germ’, with front woman Ellie Rowell’s soft, delicate vocals, has a grunge influence that will take listeners back to the 90’s when the genre was at the forefront of the music scene. Scuzzy guitars and head banging choruses help make this album the standout of 2015.

Blur-The Magic Whip


Recorded in Hong Kong and London, The Magic Whip is the 8th studio album from Blur. The opening track, ‘Lonesome Street’, is classic Blur with its cheeky lyrics, upbeat guitars and a slick bass. The track eases listeners into an album that shows a change of direction for the four-piece band. With the chimes and keys in the introduction, ‘Pyongyang’ feels true to the Hong Kong recording. However, the highlight of the album is ‘Go Out’, a track more reminiscent of previous Blur songs like ‘Beetlebum’ and ‘Song 2’. The Magic Whip is a beautifully produced record, showcasing the band’s transition from 90’s kids to mature adults.

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