Culturefly’s 13 Best Albums of 2014

Culturefly’s 13 Best Albums of 2014culturefly

My two albums picks have been featured on Culturefly’s best albums of the year.

Royal Blood -Royal Blood

My outstanding album of the year is Royal Blood’s self-titled debut. As the recipient of the BBC’s Sound of 2013, Royal Blood gained a lot of media attention for being a rock band in the mainstream music world. The hype is completely warranted though, as the band provides a young and refreshing approach to the often inactive rock genre. As well as this being my favourite album of the year, Royal Blood’s Little Monster serves as my favourite track of 2014, with its ambitious and confident sound. This album is mature, memorable, raw and intense; it’ll send a chill down your spine. Generating such a raucous sound is quite an achievement for such a young band, and this is just the beginning for the ambitious rock duo.

Royal Blood (copyright: Royal Blood)

Royal Blood (copyright: Royal Blood)

Kasabian – 48:13

Kasabian’s 48.13 album was a particular highlight in music this year. Released in early June, it was the Leicester band’s fifth studio album and it saw them push the psychedelic rock genre to a whole new level. From the short and eerie opening track, Shiva, to the mellower final song on the album, S.P.S, there’s never any doubt about the quality of Kasabian’s music. The album’s influences range from Led Zepplin to Kanye West, and there’s a real sense of creativity and experimentation that shines through, ensuring that 48.13 has become a firm favourite with both fans and critics alike. It doesn’t sound like anything Kasabian have done before and, more importantly, it’s unlike anything else currently in the charts.

48:13 (copyright: Kasabian)

48:13 (copyright: Kasabian)

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