Content Analysis

Media Research

Week 2- Content Analysis

Naturalism (natural sciences)  objective methods such as:




Sociology is trying to mimic natural sciences

-early sociologist natural methods

-we can all observe and test and come up with the same conclusion

-we can have the all same answer if carried out correctly


-trying to improve society with the view trying to improve the idea

-to look at characteristics to find research and the root of the problem for instance the cause of the crime (e.g. poverty, environment etc.)

-using natural science methods keeping the observers feelings and opinions out of the results

-objectively being asked the question without someone being there such as the Census


-our own feelings

-what’s in our head

Content Analysis

If you were to choose this for a dissertation  you would look at the 2011 Census using this as research material.


-more families that are non-white

-more gender equality e.g. powerful women, house husbands etc.

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