Christmas binge

What I’ve been listening to this week…


Over the Christmas holidays I bought a load of CD’s, I’ve been going a bit music crazy last week i bought the latest Florence & the machine album “Ceremonials” and Madonna’s “Celebration” album both being great and being put on repeat. With this week I went to my favorite record shop and ended up buying Razorlight “Up all night”, Foo Fighters “One by One”, Spector’s “Enjoy it while it lasts” and Babyshambles “Shotter’s Nation” all for £10. I was tempted to buy a load more but restrained myself and remembered this was all paid for by my student loan. However an album which I was so happy with out of all my purchases was Frank Ocean’s album “Channel Orange” it is been featured on numerous music websites and newspapers countdown of greatest albums of the year and I can see why. It is truly superb with the track “Pyramids” played on repeat. Ocean has somehow put three tracks into one with it flowing and connecting making one brilliant song.


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