Year in Review: Best album of 2014

Album of the year: Royal Blood-Royal Blood

Royal Blood (copyright: Royal Blood)

Royal Blood (copyright: Royal Blood)

My outstanding album from the years is Royal Blood’s self titled debut album.

Reaching BBC’s Sound of 2013 Royal Blood received a lot of media attention for being a rock band in mainstream music world. Believing the hype, they provided a young and refreshing approach to a current stationary rock genre.

I first became aware of the band from track Little Monster, which got me hooked on the Brighton duo there on. Little Monster is not only one of my favourite tracks of the year because of its ambitious and confident sound but it firmly bringing true rock back onto the scene.

The debut album, which was released August 25, opens with track Out of the Black. The thunderous drums and slick bass, which momentarily sounds like a guitar, feels as if the band are merely older than there 22 years. Out of the Black was released as a first single for the band, personally living up to Kaiser Chiefs’ Oh my God and Arctic Monkey’s I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor. Its maturity and intensity is memorable and feels as if it should be once those tracks of time, it’s a track people can keep going back and to listening to again and again.

Come on Over, is a great follow up with its dark lyrics showcasing front man Mike Kerr’s chilling vocals. The song has a great narrative with a rollercoaster of bars before entering into a frenzy chorus.

The rawness of tracks Figure It Out, Careless and Better Strangers showcase similarities to The Black Keys and Jack White however Royal Blood stand out. Their impact on rock within the last year has implemented their sound receiving the fastest first week sales for a rock album in three years in the UK, defeating any previous comparisons by making a statement album.

Highlight track You Can Be So Cruel is both dark and effective with opening line ‘I’m outside your window…I’m outside your door’ sends a chill down your spine with Kerr’s menacing vocals. Hearing the track played during their set at Glastonbury shows how remarkable the two piece band is: making the same transition from CD to live without a hint of change. Generating that much sound and raucousness is achievement for the band, who only formed in 2013.

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