What Motivates me in Nursing (interview)

I recently conducted two interviews for occupations in nursing and teaching and what keeps them motivated in their job and how to get experience in this certain field. Here are the interviews:
What keeps you motivated in your job?

What motivates me to do my job well hard work and making sure things are done properly and caring about people.

Tips on doing your job well?
Tips on doing my job well if your passionate and love your job you will do it well you have to be motivated and caring.
How not to waste NHS facilities?
If patients were looked after properly by their doctors then that would save on the NHS facilities.
Illnesses you do not need to go to the hospital for?
Illnesses you do not need to go to the hospital with are flu, hayfever, ear infections, blocked ears, temperatures, coughs and colds, you can go see your GP for these illnesses.

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