The Purposes of Media Research

Week 1 -The Purposes of Media Research

Why research is so important?

-expected by employers

-there is no end to research due to history

-key skills in life for any job

Journalism is Academic Research

Journalism Emphasis Academic Emphasis
Revealing facts Advancing the discipline
Making a product (e.g. a feature article) Producing research papers
Challenging power structures (e.g. investigative reporting Developing theory
Usually in the ‘field’ (e.g. political leaders, citizens, the powerless) In libraries, archives and in the ‘field’
Strict time constraints Less strict time constrains
Budget constraints Funding constraints
Generalist researchers Specialist researchers
Oriented to production and audiences Oriented to academic peers
Not as rigorous as academic research High academic prestige
Journalists need highly developed social skills Academics need some or few social skills

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