Reality Radio: The Documentary Notes

-Journalists refer to it as a form of extended current affairs reportage

-Some documentaries either contain more reality and less informational approach giving a more dramatic expression for the audience.

-There is more media competition nowadays with audiences and resources, with people having different tastes and their idea of drama.

-Radio is a unique form of medium because it requires attentive listening from the audience, it requires structure to make it successful

-Contemporary radio consists of chat and music making it less informal

-Traditional radio such Radio 4 is more formal with less music and more discussions

-The main aspect journalists set out to make is to tell the truth and represent the truth and to be based on some way on reality

-However radio producers make more effort into making their programme’s sound more true to its targeted audience because it isn’t as comprehensible.

-personal experience is better, the more you know the better

-pro’s and con’s of narrative with montage its more actual but narrative is sign posting everything therefore giving you the information instantly

-you need to clear and quick while keeping the intended audience interested.

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