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Encouraging 18-25 year old’s to vote in Barking & Dagenham

Below is a video report which discusses how we can encourage 18-25 year olds to vote in the borough of Barking and Dagenham?



Our final version of our 10 minute documentary titled ‘YMCA & Me’ which looks at the struggle of a young residents life and how the YMCA have helped.



Final Videoblog London South Bank University (Year 1)

Watch-The Closure of T4 on YouTube

By Chloe Dobinson, Karishma Boodhoo & Louise Brisbane


Structure of Videoblog


Hi and welcome to our videoblog looking at the closure of T4.

Earlier this month, Channel 4 decided to axe the brand, which ran on Saturday and Sunday mornings, after 14 years.

T4 was aimed for students which featured presenting segments, links and interviews in between shows such as Hollyoaks, Friends and Scrubs.

The brand launched careers from the likes of Dermot O’ Leary, Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw.

(Interview with Channel 4)

(Twitter Responses from T4 presenters)

(Vox Pops from students)


Princess productions, who are responsible for programming will cease production on T4 in December, Making way for three new music shows which will air on Friday nights and is due to appear on our screens January 2013.


Videoblog Ideas  
Tips/Advice Review
About LSBU Research
London Tour Guide  


Current News Stories-We would each pick the top five stories from that day that are making headlines across the world, one being local, one being the UK and being international and one on-going story and finally ending on a lighter note, a more positive story to end the podcast.
Opinions-We would prepare beforehand and choose three random and not discussed topics for instance a current news story, a song you are constantly listening to at the moment something fun and light-hearted giving your opinion and discussing it with each other making it informal and flowing like a normal conversation.
Opposites Game-Make a list of things that are seen as opposite for instance cats or dogs, Eastenders or Coronation Street and Summer or Winter .Then read them aloud to the opposite partner with them not knowing the list with it then being timed they have to choose one or the other and which one they prefer.
Tips-You could give a tutorial which is popular and gets lots of views on YouTube for instance fashion, hair, make-up, or cooking. By choosing something you are interested in and something you could give tips and advice to other people and share ideas,
Review-You could state what you are currently enjoying it could be to do with something you’re reading, listening to, watching on TV or seen at the cinema and state if you liked it or not. It would have to be two short 200 word reviews fitting in two reviews for the one video blog and then rating the item out of five.
London Tour Guide-This would be aimed at students and we could use facts and statistics, what there is to do, what we would recommend, interview tourists and use images to feature in the video blog. We could also use free things to do in London seeing as most students can’t afford expensive attractions.

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