Kaiser Chiefs: Live at the 02 Gallery (Music) 

Kaiser Chiefs played the London leg of their UK tour (Friday February 13) to a sold-out show. Here is a photo gallery capturing the fantastic set from the Leeds’ band.

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The Vaccines: Live at the The Village Underground (Music) 

The Vaccines played a brilliant set at Shoreditch’s The Village Underground on January 20 2015, here are some photo’s from the night.

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Kasabian Live at Brixton Academy (Music)

Kasabian playing the first of five nights at the legendary Brixton Academy in South London on December 20th, 2014.

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Dublin: Cordial (Travelling) 

Memorized by the stunning and beautiful city of Dublin. Definitely worth another visit and recommended for anyone who loves to travel.

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Amsterdam: Discord in the City (Travelling)

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Photography for Journalists (London South Bank University)

Photo Story-Columbia Market

For my 10 piece photo story I wanted to capture the public event of the Columbia Market, which is a weekly event every Sunday located at Bethnal Green in East London. I wanted to showcase Columbia Market’s practicality and uniqueness to the public by promoting it as a great weekly event.

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Photography for Journalists (London South Bank University) 

History & Genres


Expressionism Purism
Straight Abstract
Conceptual Appropriation
Mixed Techniques Staged




Vernacular/snapshot/family album Scientific
Photo reportage Advertisement
Street Photography/Topography


A good image (London South Bank University) 

A Good Image:
Composition Craftmanship
To Convey A Message To Transform
To Transcend To Describe
To Hallucinate To Hide
To Reveal To Allure
To Testify


Framing the subject (London South Bank University) 


Framing the Subject:
Composition Tips = lines, patterns, protagonist/emphasis, tonality, contrast, groupings, point of view
Form =Arms of composition, specific feelings (balance, calmness, tension) specific meanings (points at something, vagueness)
Content = choice of subject, method of approach, choice of equipment, camera settings
Photographic narration =photo sequence, photo essay, autonomous image


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