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How to bridge the gap in over 65’s and 18-24 year olds in the voting turnout?

Below is an audio report discussing how politicians can bridge the gap in over 65’s and 18-24 year olds in the voting turnout?



Site Project London South Bank University (Year 2) 

Ofsted Report:Disruptive children cause pupils to lose an hour of education a day

Audio Production-Beat Bullying London South Bank University (Year 2)


Cyber bullying is a behavior that takes place through the use of electronic devices such as mobile phone, social media and the internet that intentionally hurts other individuals or groups. “Beat Bullying” is going to examine the rise of cyber bullying in the UK among teenagers aged between 13-17 with this age category being the most vulnerable.

We had expert interviews with a local teacher and a youth worker from Warrington Youth Club. 

As well as interviews from both sides of bullying from the victim and an online bully.

Presented by Chloe Dobinson & Tunde Thomas

Final Podcast -London South Bank University (Year 1) 

By Chloe Dobinson,Karishma Boodhoo & Louise Brisbane

Questions for Channel 4

  1. T4 was an institution of British youth, how will channel 4 carry that on?
  2. Do you think the separate station identification from channel 4 and E4 has caused problems for the brand?
  3. Do you think the digital switchover reduced T4’s viewing figures?
  4. Will channel 4 still be keeping popular events such as T4 on the beach and T4 stars of?
  5. What can you tell us about the new music shows?
  6. How will the new shows be different from T4?
  7. When will the shows be aired?
  8. What legacy do you want leave behind from channel 4?

Extra questions

  • T4 was aimed for students what now will be replaced to aim for that social demographic?
  • Was being moved to E4 a disaster waiting to happen?
  • Will the new shows be fronted by the current T4 presenters?
  • Will the new shows feature the same format as T4?

Audio Production


The topic I have for my 10 minute audio piece production is going to discuss the recent topic of spending cuts.

The style is going to be an open debate of how the coalition budget has affected the 5 most vulnerable groups in the UK including interviews from teachers, nurses, single parents, the elderly and the youth.

The angle is how it has affected them financially and personally and they do believe if the government are doing the right thing making cut backs.

I choose this topic because everyone has been affected personally by the spending cuts through either employment, public services and is this something we are all in together.

Podcast Notes: The Perfect Murder

Elements of a podcast

Sting Introductions to the segment
Name checks Speaks over the background music
Narration Informative
Descriptive Elements of formal/informal
Keeps you interested Captivating
Creates an image inside the readers minds Views from experts
Interviews Smooth and clear dialect
Understandable tone Variations of interview and music
Focused Simple to follow
In studio Statistics
Fillers of giggling Long interviews covering all aspects of the question
Natural flow of conversation Features key examples
High research into the topic Referring back to other sources such as articles
Historic material Theoretical
Exploring global and local stories An overview of the topic
Very paired down

Podcast Notes: The Why Factor

Podcast BBC- Why do Humans Bully?

Name check Opens with sound effect
Interview Someone with the experience of bullying
Introductions to each segment Features people experiences of all ages
Informative Expert interview
Narration over background music Descriptive
Formal Serious topic
Historic Theoretical
Clear, understandable tone Clear dialect
No fillers, no laughter or giggling Mix of interviews and music
Captivating Personal accounts
Creates an image inside the readers minds Covers all aspects of the question
Features different examples Gives advice and help
Features spoken word Covers all ages of bullying
Covers all forms of bullying school, work, cyber Short, direct questions
Gives advice and help Answers fill up the time of the interview
Interviewee is more forthright Interviewer is less forthright but is guiding the interview
Answers are filled and contained Features a mixture of bully and the victims


Audio Production-

The Guardian-Science WeeklyMH900324804

Elements of a podcast

Sting (recognisable to the brand) Name check
Introduction into each segment Interviews
Short, direct questions Relevance in news
Topical Captivating
Captures the listeners minds Variety of interviews and music
Relaxed tone Smooth tone of voice
Informative Descriptive
Niche subject Personal opinions
Keeps you interested No fillers, no giggling
Simple, clear dialect Stays on track
Smooth, easy to follow Mixtures of interviews from experts etc.
Music Researches all areas of the topic
Gives an in-depth analysis into the subject A range of views and theories


Podcast & Videoblogging ideas

Podcast ideas

-current news stories



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