Podcast Notes: The Why Factor

Podcast BBC- Why do Humans Bully?

Name check Opens with sound effect
Interview Someone with the experience of bullying
Introductions to each segment Features people experiences of all ages
Informative Expert interview
Narration over background music Descriptive
Formal Serious topic
Historic Theoretical
Clear, understandable tone Clear dialect
No fillers, no laughter or giggling Mix of interviews and music
Captivating Personal accounts
Creates an image inside the readers minds Covers all aspects of the question
Features different examples Gives advice and help
Features spoken word Covers all ages of bullying
Covers all forms of bullying school, work, cyber Short, direct questions
Gives advice and help Answers fill up the time of the interview
Interviewee is more forthright Interviewer is less forthright but is guiding the interview
Answers are filled and contained Features a mixture of bully and the victims





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