Photography for Journalists

History & Genrescamera-clip-art-4








-mixed techniques




-vernacular/snapshot/family album




-street photography/topography


To be distinguished from subjects of depiction- e.g people,landscape, still life, sky, underwater, etc.


A good image



-to convey a message

-to transform

-to transcend

-to describe

-to hallucinate

-to hide

-to reveal

-to allure

-to testify


Framing the subject

Composition tips- lines, patterns, protagonist/emphasis, tonality, contrast, groupings, point of view

Form- Arms of composition, specific feelings (balance, calmness, tension), specific meanings (pointing at something), vagueness, else?

Content- choice of subject, method of approach, choice of equipment – camera settings

Photographic narration- photo sequence, photo essay, autonomous image

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