Music Video of the Week: Run -San Cisco

Music Video of the Week: Run -San Ciscotimthumb 23

This week’s music video of the week is San Cisco’s bold and colourful Run. 

The fun-filled video was created by filmmaker and photographer Matt Sav, who also produced an unofficial version. It features stock-footage, lots of shiny lycra and a bit of casual exercise, resulting in a multidimensional video that has trippy retro feel.

Inspiration for the video came when Sav was driving one day and was blinded by the sun. “In a split second, I saw it. A man with round sunglasses wearing a shiny golden unitard, not moving much, but looking majestic. Like a lion”, Sav said of his idea. Having got on board with the idea, the band bravely feature in custom made unitards.

Sav sent out a brief to provide 15 seconds of footage, which could include animation, to several filmmakers who he admired or knew. The finished video is compiled from footage sent from all over the world.

Run is taken from San Cisco’s highly anticipated second album, which is due for release in early 2015.

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