Music Video of the Week: Please, Don’t -Leo Stannard

Music Video of the Week: Please, Don’t -Leo Stannard

Our pick for music video of the week is Leo Stannard’s Please Don’t, which is the lead track from his NotionsEP.

The music video was filmed across one day in central London on the rooftop of Old College Campus at Saint Martins. It sees Stannard playing the track during sunrise, evening and nighttime, with the lighting changing to reflect the time of day.

The simple cinematography complements Stannard’s folksy and acoustic sound, allowing the listener to focus on his lyrics without distracting visuals.

Stannard has racked up hundreds of thousands of views online including his recent cover of Alt-J. Last April he played a sold out tour while juggling his A–levels but since recording his second EP, Notions, his main priority has been the music.

Stannard has announced a special intimate unplugged event in London on Dec 4, following his sold out show with The Intermission Project on Dec 3 at the Waiting Room.

The Notions EP is available to download on iTunes now.

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