Magazine Article layout -Q magazine

-They created a monthly published magazine with higher standards of photography and printing.

Information-The information is seperated by red lines, this makes it clearer for the readers too see.

Fonts-The font is black and bold for the sub-heading introducing the article and black font briefly explaining the article underneath.

Fonts-They use simple fonts to allow the audience to see straight away what the article is about.


Q Magazine Cover- (Muse)

Main Image-grabs the readers attention this is because it has a certain shock factor to it; frontman Matt Bellamy acting violent.

-Because the image also connects with the masthead as an audience we want to know what the main article is about.

Masthead-Usually the same design with the Q in left hand corner like a trade mark. To make it recognizable for the target audiences. However this issue the masthead is broken -this links with the lead article “out of control”.


Best Covers

The Strokes (2002)

Foo Fighters (2005)

Kasabian (2009)

Gorillaz (2010)


Q Design

q table

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