Live Review: Muse, Live at the o2 Arena

Muse played their third sold out show of a five night residency at the 02 Arena in London on Tuesday.culturefly1

Angelic and harmonic track Drones opened up proceedings with its slower pace building the audience’s energy before exploding into a guitar heavy set list. The title track is in support of their latest 7th studio album, which was released last summer.

The 3-piece band played several tracks from Drones including Pyscho, Mercy and Dead Inside. The tracks played from the album feel as if they’re festival songs – bold, energetic and anthemic; fans are definitely in for a treat when Muse headline Glastonbury this summer for the third time.


Psycho, which is the lead single from Drones, propelled Muse back into the spotlight after a 3-year break since the release of last album, The 2nd Law. The latest album feels more poppy than previous releases with catchy hooks and lighter guitar melodies.

Reapers was a highlight from the set with its fast-paced, slick guitars showcasing frontman Matt Bellamy’s impressive rock skills. For a band that has been together for over two decades, choosing a set list must be a hard task. However, Muse showcased songs from across their back catalogue, playing Sunburn from their debut albumShowbiz, which was released in 1999.

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Throwback tracks such as Supermassive Black Hole, Hysteria and Starlight also saw attendees sing louder than the music. Halfway through the show shifted to a slower pace with the band playing Map of the Problematique, which allowed Bellamy’s vocals to take centre stage.

Muse have evolved not only musically but also in their stage design, with a revolving 360 view of the stage pushing boundaries in their live shows. There’s no expense spared as the band delivered mesmerizing flying drones, pyrotechnics and inflatable balloons into the crowd. It’s an experience fans won’t forget in a hurry.

The encore of an extended harmonica version of Knights of Cydonia closed the show, which nobody wanted to end. Bold and energetic, the band’s enthusiasm was still apparent at the end of a 2-hour set. Knights of Cydonia was a fitting way to end the show, with fans singing as they left the arena, proving that Muse still have what to takes to be the most in demand rock band in the world.


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