Live Review: Muse at London Stadium

Muse played the London leg of their Stimulation Theory tour to a packed out crowd at Stratford’s Olympic Stadium.

The Devon-born band played tracks from their entire back catalogue, however, fans got to hear plenty of new tracks from their eighth studio album – Stimulation Theory.

Algorithm was the opening track on the set list, as well as their recent 2018 album, with over 60,000 fans delighted to see the trio play live and do what they do best.

The band was not messing about with their setlist going straight into Psycho, Uprising, Plug In Baby and Supermassive Black Hole early on in the gig.

This tour seemed fitting for the band who are playing stadiums all across Europe with onstage choreography, out of this world graphics and just when you think the stage show couldn’t get ANY bigger with Muse having a giant animatronic robot which comes out of the stage towards the end of the show.

Not forgetting little nods to the previous tour and album Drones with high-tech input into the show making more than just another gig for ticket holders.

Halfway through the gig and Muse are still keeping the audience on their toes playing Hysteria and Bliss while in between new songs which are also well-received by hardcore Muse fans.

The band decided to take it down a notch with Undisclosed Desires, Dig Down and Madness seeing the fans come into their own and making more noise in the stadium than the trio.

Nearly two hours in and we hear Mercy, Time Is Running Out and Starlight before we get to the encore with the band having just as much energy as when they came on stage.

For the final few songs, we saw a medley of Stockholm Syndrome/Reapers/ The Handler and New Born being played demonstrating frontman Matt Bellamy’s true position as one of the greatest modern guitarists.

However, final song Knights of Cydonia show a two-minute harmonic intro from bassist Chris Wolstenholme and fans instantly knew this was going to be an epic ending to a great show. The 2006 track which is from their Black Holes and Revelations album was playing in its full and the band giving it their all as if it was their final ever gig by taking us into their world and leaving on a high.


Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
Break It to Me
Plug In Baby
Pray (High Valyrian)
The Dark Side
Supermassive Black Hole
Thought Contagion
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Dig Down
Undisclosed Desires
Time Is Running Out
Futurism/Unnatural Selection/Micro Cuts
Take a Bow

Stockholm Syndrome/Assassin/Reapers/The Handler/New Born
Knights of Cydonia

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