Live Review-Muse

Live Review-Muse (2/6/2013)

Last night I went to see Muse at the Horse Guards Parade in London, which was in aid of World War Z première organised by the star and director of the film Brad Pitt.

Muse playing live at Horse Guards Parade

Tickets were allocated free by Muse’s fan-site to 15,000 competition winners. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the band who I have always wanted to see. Muse are renowned for their live shows and being one of the best bands to see live in the world….and they did not disappoint.

The weather didn’t disappoint either with there being sunshine setting the mood for the evening. With the set only being 30 minutes long,The band played a mixed set list playing new and old tracks making a perfect balance for  muse fans. The Devon trio opened with the track “Supremacy” taken from their latest album “The 2nd Law”.  Playing favourites “Plug in baby”, “Supermassive Black Hole” ,”Knights of Cydonia”  ”Time is Running Out” and “Uprising” as well as new tracks “Madness” and “Follow Me”. Everything from the lighting, set list, audience and of course the band was fantastic.I knew Muse was going to be brilliant but this was another level  making this one of my favourite gigs I have ever been to.

Muse played:

1 Supremacy

2 Plug in Baby

3 Follow Me

4 Supermassive Black Hole

5 Madness

6 Uprising

7 Knights of Cydonia

8 Time is Running Out

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