Jackie Mason Live at the Adelphi Theatre

Live Review- Jackie Mason live at Adelphi Theatre

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Jackie Mason’s six night run at London’s Adelphi Theatre came to an end last night with his Ready to Rumble show being his last ever UK dates.

Nicknamed the ‘Ultimate Jew’ Mason keeps his comedy charm at the forefront to his performance by satirising his religion. The comedy set made references to Jewish marriage with the US comedian insisting why he doesn’t know why they bother getting married, and mocking of traditional Jewish stereotypes of being money savvy. Mason sticks to what he knows being the best person to mock his own religious beliefs and is allowed to because he was a ‘former Rabi’.

The first half sees the New York comedian discuss his travels as a comedian playing in numerous venues across Las Vegas and how the gambling culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. Mason proposed people only to the gambling state purely to waste money and nothing else wanting the glorified Las Vegas experience.

Views on London were a positive one, with the usual ‘not one to complain’ city at the forefront of his jokes. Mason stated London had a special place in his heart by having fond memories of the city and playing some of his favourite shows in the capital. The comedian’s sharp wit was prominent by interlinking on being a Jewish tourist in London and his amazement at the stunning architecture of the Houses of Parliament being ten minutes away from the theatre venue.

Mason, who is known for his controversial PC comments didn’t go unnoticed by audience members with awkward laughs taking place to do with race and religion. The ridiculing of American politics was indefinite compared to his take on British politics by claiming Hilary Clinton was a ‘white version’ Barack Obama and not achieving anything before their political careers.  Moving onto British politics, Mason interacted with audience members by conducting a poll on whether or not the UK should be in the EU. The response to the poll raised a few eyebrows with the comedian mocking people who though they should be in the EU. The US star gave an eligible argument to the opting out of the EU referendum, while praising the UK for their economy, healthcare and education, into why they do not need other countries being independent enough as a nation.

Topical stories such as his unawareness of technology and apps were covered insisting his turns to his eight year old grandchild for help. The US comedian explained US celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to an audience who were surprised the 85 year olds knew who they were. Recent controversies of Sepp Blatter and FIFA were discussed in Mason’s superb comic style.

The star’s sarcasm didn’t go unnoticed as the comedian frequently insisting his doesn’t like to moan with his spectacular rant on airport security. The fast section of the show included how airport lines charge extensive amounts of money for any movement on the plane. The rant included having to where to sit, how to sit and how early you board the plane feeling as if you were part of an auction and displaying Mason’s perfect comedy timing.

The second half of the show saw a less comedic style but personal side to the comedian’s set. Talking to the audience more and showing his true appreciation for the fans coming out to see him live time and time again spanning his six decade career as a comedian. Mason’s enthusiasm is still as sharp as ever with his showmanship shining through on stage, even laughing at his own jokes, makes him even more likeable and charming as a comedian.

Seeing Mason live marked a standpoint in comedy history with the New York comedian playing his final farewell shows in the UK and how his unique comedic observations on life will be truly missed by his UK fans.


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