2013 – 2014


How To Motivate Others

Here are some great tips and ways to motivate others who are feeling down and not motivated including staff, other team members or friends and family:

Being enthusiastic Giving guidance and direction Being positive
Giving advice Being organised Being charismatic

How to be Motivated tipmine

It all depends on the individual but here are some great motivational tips to help you feel motivated and self-confident

Being around family and friends Doing your favourite hobby Doing a good or worthy deed
Think about the target you are going to achieve at the end Exercising/Working Out

Steps to Motivation 

Think Positive

Try to avoid negative thoughts from yourself and other people this can damage your self-confidence and motivation. Keep positive thoughts in your head this will stop you feeling incapable of doing anything.

Have Ambitions & Plans

Have a plan of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. Also make note of how you are going to achieve this and what you are going to do to get that goal. You are more likely to achieve them by setting out key targets and aims for yourself.

Sweet Smelling Scents Around the House

Have a plan of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by. Also make note of how you are going to achieve this and what you are going to do to get that goal. You are more likely to achieve them by setting out key targets and aims for yourself.

Self-Confidence                                                                                                                                                 No one can make you believe in yourself other than you. Here is a recommended tip to help boost your self-confidence: Be willing to leave your comfort zone. This will help you take more risks and help show other people your potential and not afraid to try something new.

Home Living tipmine

Great Uses for Bobby Pins

You can always find a spare bobby pin lying around in the bathroom or at your dressing table so here are some great uses a replacement:

Zipper pull replacement Paper Clip
Re-seal food packages Unlock suitcases for missing key

Different Uses for Baking Soda

Clean floors  (1/2 cup of baking soda in warm water, letting it sit overnight then mop and rinse clean)
Clean Pots & Pans (By adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda along with dish detergent to water can help get rid of grease and stains)
Clean Shower Curtains (Sprinkle the baking soda directly onto the shower curtain with a sponge or cloth then rinse clean)

Great household items to help with the spring cleaning

These are great items to have to help with spring cleaning that already may be in your household:

White vinegar Baking Soda
Olive Oil Essential oils
Lemon Bicarbonate of soda
Newspaper Vanilla essence

Make Up & Beauty tipmine

Make Up Trends

There are some great make up trends currently with less is more .Here are some recommended styles to try out:

Nude lips and bold eye-shadow (gold/silver) Natural face and red lips Autumnal eye-shadow (plum/bronze)
Cat’s eye eyeliner Gothic lips (purple, black, crimson red)

How to Make your Eyes Appear Bigger

Depending on your face shape to make your eyes look bigger avoid putting mascara on the bottom lashes. Just apply to the top lashed this will make your eyes bolder and bigger.

Shelf Life for Make up

Concealer (12 months) Face Powder (24 months) Foundation (12 months)
Eye Shadow (36 months) Lipstick (18months) Mascara (4 months)

How to get Clear Looking Skin

For healthy looking skin apply moisturizer before foundation to avoid dry looking skin. By doing so, this can make your skin look refreshed and glowing.

Foundation Choices for Seasons

Choose a foundation which is as close enough to your skin tone as possible. While in the summer choose a darker shade because of the warm weather your skin darkens, with the winter choose a shade lighter because of the cold weather.

Food tipmine

Here are some great fruit based recipes for the Autumnal weather.

Baked apples (Ingredients) 

½ cup brown sugar 4 Rome apples ½ cup apricots, diced
½ tsp ground ginger ½ tsp cinnamon 1 tbsp unsalted butter
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix 1/4 cup sugar and 1/3 cup water in an 8-inch square baking dish. Peel tops of apples; core with melon baller (leave the bottom intact).In a bowl, toss dried apricots with remaining 1/4 cup sugar, ground ginger, and cinnamon.Fill apples; place in dish. Dot each with 1/4 tablespoon butter. Bake, basting occasionally, until tender, 40 to 50 minutes. Drizzle with pan syrup.

Golden Tea Loaf (Ingredients) 

1 egg, beaten 175g sugar
25g butter, melted 225g flour
2 tsp’s baking powder ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
½ tsp salt 170ml orange juice
115g pecans, chopped 175g dried apricots
Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4. Grease a loaf tin.
Beat the egg with the sugar until fluffy. Stir in butter. Mix the flour, baking powder, salt and bicarb and sieve onto the egg mixture. Add orange juice and mix with an electric mixer to a smooth mixture.
Wash the apricots well (if they are very dry, soak them in water for a few minutes) and chop them. Stir the pecans into the mixture.
Put the mixture into the prepared loaf tin and bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour until a you can stick a skewer into the centre and it comes out clean. If the cake is getting too dark, lay a piece of aluminium foil loosely over it.

Different Uses for Courgettes

Here are some great recipe ideas to use with main ingredient being courgettes:

Courgette Fritta’s 

4 courgettes 3 tsp extra-virgin olive oil Mixed salad
For the stuffing: 50g dired white breadcrumbs 50g pine nuts 6 spring onions
1 garlic glove 6 sundried tomatoes in oil, drained 1 tbsp thyme leaf 25g parmesan or vegetarian alternative, finely grated
Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Place the courgettes in a single layer in a shallow ovenproof dish, fairly tightly together, cut-side up. Brush lightly with 1 tsp oil and bake for 20 mins.
To make the stuffing, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and season with lots of black pepper.
Sprinkle the stuffing on top of the courgettes and drizzle with the remaining olive oil. Bake for a further 10-15 mins or until the courgettes are softened and the topping is golden and crisp. Serve hot with a mixed salad.

Veg fritters with poached egg (Ingredients) 

200g (about 2) Maris piper potatoes, grates and squeezed really dry Bunch of Spring Onions 3 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 200g vegetarian feta, crumbled
3 tbsp plain flour 6 large, very fresh free-range eggs Vegetable oil 3 carrots grated
1. Mix the carrot, potato, onion, parsley and feta in a bowl. Add the flour and season well. Separate 2 of the eggs, then stir the egg yolks into the veg mixture. Put the 2 egg whites in a clean bowl and whisk to soft peaks, then fold into the mixture.
2. Heat 0.5cm oil in a sauté pan. Add heaped spoonfuls of the mixture to the oil, in batches, cooking for 3 minutes each side until golden brown – you should make about 12 in all. Remove with a slotted spoon, drain on kitchen paper and keep warm.
3. Meanwhile, bring a wide pan of water to the boil and soft-poach the remaining eggs for 3-4 minutes each.
4. Place 3 fritters on each plate and top each with a poached egg to serve.

Autumnal Squash Recipes

Already in the middle of the Autumn season here are some great homely butternut squash recipes:

Butternut squash Wedges (Ingredients) 

1 tsp oregano Pinch Tumeric
Pinch Curry Powder 1 tsp Olive Oil
200g/7oz butternut squash, peeled and cut into wedges
Preheat the oven to 225C/425F/Gas 7.
For the squash wedges, place the oregano, turmeric, curry powder and oil into a large bowl. Add the squash and mix well to coat. Place into on a roasting tray and place into the oven to roast for 15 minutes, or until cooked through. Turn the squash occasionally, so that it will brown evenly.-Pinto & Pumpkin Casserole (500gm skinned and deseeded pumpkin, cut into 2 cm cubes 4 cloves garlic 900mls veg stock 1 tbsp olive oil 2 large onions, finely chopped 2 large red peppers, cored, deseeded and diced 2 tbspfresh chopped basil kernels cut from 1 sweetcorn cob 1/6th chipotle chilli chopped finely 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 clove garlic chopped 2x 410gms cans pinto beans 2-3 tbsps lemon juice salt and pepper 1 tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley to garnish)Recipe
Put the cubes of pumpkin into a saucepan with the garlic and vegetable stock. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the pumpkin is tender. Then tip the contents of the pan into the food processor and blend to a thin puree. While the pumpkin is cooking, heat the olive oil in another large pan. Add the onion and caramelise slowly, add red pepper and garlic and paprika. Cover the pan and fry over a gentle heat for 15 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender and slightly caramelized. Add the pumpkin puree to the vegetables in the pan, along with the sweetcorn kernels and pinto beans and their liquid. Stir over a gentle heat for 45 mins until tender then add the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Ladle into warmed bowls, sprinkle with fresh parsley and basil and serve with some fresh hot brown rice.

Fitness tipmine

For the past two weeks at my internship I have been writing tips for the weight loss and fitness category, here is what I wrote:

Handy Tips for Budget Shoppers

Shop Later

Supermarkets often decrease their food prices to at least half or more of the original cost towards the end of the day. Go to the local supermarket and you will find some great food finds.

Seasonal Food

At great way to be a savvy food shopper is to buy food that is in season. Seasonal food costs less and it is more likely to home-grown, taste better and home-grown by local producers. Making it better for the environment.

Meat Free Means Cheaper

Meat free meals tend to be cheaper than with a meat based dinners but with a good recipe they can be just as delicious.

Healthy Snacks

Here are some alternatives to healthy snacks for in between meals to keep as part of a balanced diet:

Fruit Yoghurt Rice Cakes Mixed Nuts
Celery Sticks Carrot Sticks Popcorn Salad
Granola Bar Baked Crisps Pitta & Low Fat Hummus

Healthy Side Dishes

If you are trying to lose weight here are some great healthy alternatives to have instead of fried or greasy food:

Lentils Cous Cous Pasta
Ravioli Vegetables Rice
Salad Baked/Sweet Potatoes

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

If you are trying to lose weight it is never a good idea to drink at all. However here are some low calorie drinks you can have occasionally as a treat:

Chardonnay Pinot Griogio Zinfandel White Wine
Vermouth Vodka Light Beer

Gardening tipmine

Basic Necessities for Gardening:

For those who have just taken up gardening here are the basic tools to have to start planting and growing crops:

Trowel Gardening Gloves Watering Can
Rake Shears Pitckfork

Crops to Grow in the Autumn

We are already halfway through the summer; here are some of the crops to grow specifically for the autumn. These vegetables are more suitable for next season because there is is less light:

Broad Beans Peas Garlic
Potatoes Lettuce ‘artic king’ Corn salad
Land Cress

Beginners Guide to Gardening…

For those who are thinking about taking up gardening or who have always wanted to start but never got round to it, here are some basic tips for what to grow in your garden, either for your balcony or back lawns and the advantages:

By growing these vegetables they keep producing throughout the year so they will be less cost involved for seeds:



Why you should take up Gardening….

Higher Quality Produce Saving Money Being Outdoors
More Produce Great Hobby Great way to spend time with family


Finding a Good Restaurant on Holiday

It can be sometimes difficult finding a good restaurant you can trust and get good value for money here are some tips to help you find a good place to eat when you are in a new environment:

Look to see if the restaurant is busy, it shows that the food is good and in demand
 Do some research beforehand on the internet with the city/town having brochures and see what they recommend
See what the hotel you are staying in suggests
Ask around either hotel guests or locals

What to do to get cheap theatre tickets

Try third party sellers on trusted sites such as Stubhub
Get tickets on the day of the performance from the box office
There is a government scheme in the UK for people aged 16-25 year olds where they can get discounted tickets
Try theatre forums or social networks who may be selling tickets at a cheaper price if they cannot go to the event

Events to go to in London in August…

Here are some of the top picks for what to do during the summer holiday around London with plenty of free options available for you and the family.


Student tipmine

What to do when you go to University

Join the university societies/clubs
Make use of the student discount
Get a part-time job
Have as much fun as you can (making sure you get the assignments done in time of course)
Go to as many parties as you can (including other universities that your friends go to)

Tips on where to borrow money for students…

I’ve researched and found a lot of places for money stricken students to borrow from. I’m not advocating borrowing money from the banks or loan sharks but if its the last option then here are the best places to borrow money with the lowest APR (Annual percentage rate). Here is the borrow table:


(correct as of September 2013)


Festival Essentials

For first-time festival goers here are some essentials you need to bring when camping at a festival:

Your ticket (otherwise there will be no point in going)
Cheap phone (don’t bring your expensive smart phones in case they get lost or stolen)
Wet wipes (sadly there is not nice hot baths on site with these being the only way to keep clean)
Waterproof jacket (you can never trust the UK weather)
Torch (trying to find your tent in the early hours of the morning with thousands of other tents looking the same)

What to do at a music festival

Explore the whole site
Ride the massive rollercoasters
Watch up and coming bands
Go crazy and dance when they play your favourite song of your bands/artists
Plan who you want to see live beforehand when going to the festival

Employment tipmine

Writing headlines for the Web

There is a difference writing for the web from print, when you write headlines on the web one of the most important thing about writing a headline is that it includes key words so that it is easy to search. Things like alliteration, puns, cryptic and a play on words but you cannot do that writing for the web. You should make it direct and straightforward when online so that it is easy to search on the internet. When writing headlines you do not need punctuation, nor full stops. When you are quoting someone only use single quote marks or you can use a comma. For capital letters, traditionally cap up the words.

Improving your website or blog

Journalism seems to be more equal due to everyone now creating the news online, through blogs and social network sites, to improve creditability of your website/blog:

Site must have intuitive navigation User friendly design
High quality graphics Good Writing
Full contact info Expertise in the subject area
Links to other relevant websites.

Keep the Story Rolling

As a writer you have to lead the reader through a story that may cover a lot of ground and move around from topic to topic. One of the best ways of bringing the reader with you is to limit each sentence and each paragraph to a single subject. If you think of each sentence and paragraph as a box or room that contains one sort of information, this will enable you to do this.

What Motivates me in Nursing (Interview)

I recently conducted two interviews for occupations in nursing and teaching and what keeps them motivated in their job and how to get experience in this certain field. Here are the interviews:

What keeps you motivated in your job?

“What motivates me to do my job well hard work and making sure things are done properly and caring about people”.

Tips on doing your job well?

“Tips on doing my job well if you’re passionate and love your job you will do it well you have to be motivated and caring”.

How not to waste NHS facilities?

“If patients were looked after properly by their doctors then that would save on the NHS facilities”.

Illnesses you do not need to go to the hospital for?

“Illnesses you do not need to go to hospital with are flu, hayfever, ear infections, blocked ears, temperatures, coughs and colds, you can go see your GP for these illnesses”.

What Motivates Me In Teaching (Interview)

Best ways to get into teaching?

“Have the opportunity to volunteer in different year groups to make sure it is the right career you want to follow as there is more to teaching than you think. Personally, I got into teaching by being involved with my children at school as a parent helper and enrolling at college by volunteering at school”.

Motivation in your job?

“Having different children coming from different backgrounds coming from different cultures, poverty and backgrounds. Seeing their confidence, self-esteem and achievement grow motivates you to do the best for them”.

How to keep the children engaged?

“Knowing that the children are individual and are receptive to different needs and different strategies I have to keep them engaged and on task”.

Best ways to balance a child’s diet with a packed lunch?

“Avoid all the sugary drinks, water is the best hydration for your child. Make sure there is fruit available to keep a balanced diet for your child and to keep their energy and concentration levels going for the rest of the day”.

Journalism Internships

Getting into journalism and the media world can be difficult with competition set sky high, needing a degree as well as a great amount of experience is something hard done by. Here are a few websites of how to get started with either an internship or full time/part time jobs to help you get your foot on the ladder.

journalism.co.uk (Good for trade publications, corporate and commercial jobs)

Hold the Front Page (Mostly for local and regional press

Gorkana  (This is usually just for journalists it is more open to the public)

Aspire (Great for a whole range of digital and media jobs)

mandy.com (Good for getting into TV/film production, behind the scenes or being in the spotlight)

Financial tipmine

Opening a Bank Account

It is a good idea to shop around the high street banks for a opening a bank account, you should look for good incentives. This is either your first account or you want to change accounts so you should see what the banks has to offer and the lowest interest. To find out which bank suits you, you can use comparison sites such as money supermarket .

Infographic… Personal Finance
This week i had to write about personal finance. Seeing as I’m a student I thought this would be the best thing to write about, so I decided to create an infographic of the most significant things to include in a student budget.
Here is the infographic:

Technology tipmine


This week I created an info-graphic for my internship. This was the first time I had ever heard of this term and creating one, they are visually appealing on a blog site with them being creative and unique. Also being easy to share on a social media site. I decided to go with something that I knew and something that would be different so I went with “A Tourist Guide to London” there was nothing like this on my internship website as well as promoting London as a versatile city catering for all ages and families.

I decided to create mine on a suggested website called easel.ly.com which is a free website to create the info-graphic’s with selecting the basic template seeing as I was a beginner on the website.


MVOTW: Ghosts, Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh’s Ghosts is not only our music video of the week, but it’s also our first video pick for 2015.

Starting with the background sounds of city life, this simple yet beautifully shot video switches between footage of New York’s cityscape and Welsh singing.

In keeping with the song’s title, the video mixes black and white visuals with an eerie overlay effect, giving an almost ethereal feel.

Ghosts, which is set for release on January 19 through Polydor, showcases Welsh’s powerful and captivating vocals. The track will be featured on the Staffordshire born singer’s debut album, Soft Control, which is also released on the same day.

Welsh announced that she would be performing at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters on Thursday 15 January.Tickets are on sale now.

MVOTW: Chase You Down, Joel Peter

Christmas is just around the corner but we’re not ready to submit to all-out festive music just yet.

This week’s music video of the week comes from Joel Peter with Chase You Down.

Chase You Down is a delicate, unique and memorable track, bringing a “summery feel back during the winter chill”. The track features catchy guitar riffs and lead singer Joel’s subtle vocals, giving Chase You Down a cool and contemporary feel.

The video sees the Brighton band performing in a field to a group of fun-loving people who are dancing amidst colourful smoke.

Joel Peter take inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon and Bombay Bicycle Club, with the latter’s sound particularly noticeable in Chase You Down.

The single is available to download now and is taken from the band’s current EP, Play The Colour.

MVOTW: Run -San Cisco

This week’s music video of the week is San Cisco’s bold and colourful Run. 

The fun-filled video was created by filmmaker and photographer Matt Sav, who also produced an unofficial version. It features stock-footage, lots of shiny lycra and a bit of casual exercise, resulting in a multidimensional video that has trippy retro feel.

Inspiration for the video came when Sav was driving one day and was blinded by the sun. “In a split second, I saw it. A man with round sunglasses wearing a shiny golden unitard, not moving much, but looking majestic. Like a lion”, Sav said of his idea. Having got on board with the idea, the band bravely feature in custom made unitards.

Sav sent out a brief to provide 15 seconds of footage, which could include animation, to several filmmakers who he admired or knew. The finished video is compiled from footage sent from all over the world.

Run is taken from San Cisco’s highly anticipated second album, which is due for release in early 2015.

Lionel Richie To Play Glastonbury 2015 

Lionel Richie has been announced to play the Sunday teatime slot at next year’s Glastonbury festival.lionel-richie

The singer, who is set to follow in the footsteps of Dolly Parton, Shirley Bassey and Neil Diamond, is the first big name confirmed for Worthy Farm.

The festival slot will mark the 65-year-old’s first time appearing at the 135,000 capacity event and his first UK festival appearance. The Sunday slot attracts one of the biggest audiences across the entire weekend, and guarantees audiences a chance to sing-along and dance to the former Commodores member’s set.

Richie, who has sold over a 100 million records, will embark on a European tour next year before arriving in the UK in February, with a date at London’s 02 Arena on March 1.

There has been a lot of speculation as to who will fill the headline slot at Glastonbury 2015, with Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac and The Libertines all rumoured to be in the running, but with no confirmation from the festival’s organizers.

The full line-up set to be announced in Spring 2015.

MVOTW: Please, Don’t -Leo Stannard

Our pick for music video of the week is Leo Stannard’s Please Don’t, which is the lead track from his NotionsEP.

The music video was filmed across one day in central London on the rooftop of Old College Campus at Saint Martins. It sees Stannard playing the track during sunrise, evening and nighttime, with the lighting changing to reflect the time of day.

The simple cinematography complements Stannard’s folksy and acoustic sound, allowing the listener to focus on his lyrics without distracting visuals.

Stannard has racked up hundreds of thousands of views online including his recent cover of Alt-J. Last April he played a sold out tour while juggling his A–levels but since recording his second EP, Notions, his main priority has been the music.

Stannard has announced a special intimate unplugged event in London on Dec 4, following his sold out show with The Intermission Project on Dec 3 at the Waiting Room.

The Notions EP is available to download on iTunes now.

MVOTW: From Eden -Hozier

This week’s music video of the week is Irish musician Hozier’s single, From Eden, which is released through Rubyworks/Island Records on December 1.

The video syncs beautifully with the song, which is heavy on blues influences and showcases Hozier’s powerful voice. It sees Hozier team up with Merlin actress Katie McGrath to become criminals, breaking into houses and holding people at gunpoint.

Hozier has achieved a vast amount of success with his previous track, Take Me To Church, which has reached over 20 million views on youtube. His debut album reached the UK top 5 and the Billboard US Top 200 at number 2 upon release.

Hozier continues to tour with sell out shows in the UK, US and Ireland.

Hozier Live (UK/Ireland):

04/11/2014 Dublin, Olympia Theatre
05/11/2014 Kilarney, INEC
06/12/2014 Cork, Opera House
16/12/2014 Oxford, 02 Academy
17/12/2014 Birmingham, The Institute
20/12/2014 Castlebar, Royal Theatre
21/12/2014 Belfast, Ulster Hall
31/12/2014 London, 02 Shepherds Bush Empire
01/01/2015 London, 02 Shepherds Bush Empire

MVOTW: Climbin (Piano Version) -Shadow Child

This week’s pick for music video of the week is Shadow Child’s Climbin (Piano Weapon).

The Cry Wolf directed video follows one man’s tiring journey to become a half-decent Ping-Pong player in order to gain the female champion’s attention.

Co-written with Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and producer MNEK, the song premiered on BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac Show and has also gained recognition from the likes of Zane Lowe and Pete Tong.

Climbin is a lively and upbeat dance track that is sure to be played across clubs as we head into next year. Having recently supported Groove Armada at London’s XOYO, Shadow Child will be returning to the iconic London nightclub for New Year’s Eve, where they’ll be playing alongside Karma Kid and Mak & Pasteman.

You can pre-order Climbin here.

MVOTW: I Won’t Let You Down. OK Go

Aiming to top the cleverly choreographed video for Here It Goes Again, OK Go have released the new video for their latest single, I Won’t Let You Down, which premiered at the end of October on NBC Today.

The video continues the band’s signature style, filming in one single shot using futuristic UNI-CUBs on loan from Honda. If you were hoping to get your hands on the unique omni-directional driving wheel system after watching this video, you may be disappointed because they’re currently still in the development stage.

The alternative band filmed the video in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture in August this year, with band members Damian Kulash and Kazuaki Seki directing it in collaboration with creative director Morihiro Harano (of Mori Inc.)

I Won’t Let You Down is taken from the band’s fifth studio album, Hungry Ghosts, which will be released in the UK in February 2015 to coincide with the LA band’s one-off UK show. OK Go will be performing at London’s Koko on 13 February, with tickets available now from http://po.st/OkGoKoko.

MVOTW: Do It Again, The Ting Tings

pick for this week’s music video of the week comes from pop duo The Ting Tings, with their upbeat and effortlessly cool single, Do It Again. The track is featured on the band’s forthcoming album, Super Critical, which will be released Oct 27.

The Andrew Daffy directed video continues the disco vibe of summer single Wrong Club, featuring big hair, shiny gold shorts and a snazzy split screen effect. It’s like something straight out of the 70s/80s.

Do It Again is a riff heavy number that’s about lightening up and doing the things that make you feel good, and we definitely get that from the track. This is the perfect club record, getting people off their feet and onto the dance floor.

The Ting Tings recently headlined the Oxjam launch party at London’s Ace Hotel and they’ll be touring the UK this November. See the full live dates below:

30/10/2014 London, XOYO
23/11/2014 Brighton, The Haunt
24/11/2014 Bristol, Thekla
25/11/2014 Newcastle, The Cluny
26/11/2014 Glasgow, King Tut’s
28/11/2014 Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall
29/11/2014 Manchester, Deaf Institute
30/11/2014 Portsmouth, Wedgwood Rooms

MVOTW: Amsterdam -Gregory Alan Isakov

Our music video of the week comes from Gregory Alan Isakov and his brand new video for Amsterdam.

The charming video was directed by Laura Goldhamer and filmed over the course of six weeks, using stop-motion animation, dioramas and live shadow puppetry. It was made at the farm that is home to the musician himself, further aiding the collaborative and organic nature of the video’s creation.

Amsterdam is taken from Isakov’s recent album, The Weatherman, and is inspired by his time in The Netherlands (in case the name didn’t give it away). It’s a melancholy and gentle folk track, with hushed vocals and heart-felt lyrics.

Isakov will be returning to the country that inspired the song as part of his nineteen-date European tour, with five UK dates starting in Brighton tonight.

Upcoming UK Live Dates:

17/10/2014 Brighton, Komedia
18/10/2014 Bristol, Louisiana
19/10/2014 Glasgow, King Tut’s
20/10/2014 Manchester, Gulliver’s
21/10/2014 London, Bush Hall

MVOTW: Texas -Magic Man

This week’s music video of the week comes from US band Magic Man, with their debut UK single, Texas.

The track, which will be released through EPIC records on October 20th, is a refreshing and bouncy number from the Boston five-piece. The colourful music video features Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin and has a undeniable summery feel to it, which will hopefully help to keep the chill away as we move into frostier months.

Magic Man consists of childhood friends Alex Caplow (vocals) and Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keyboards), along with Gabe Goodman (bass), Justine Bowe (keyboard) and Joey Sulkowski (drums). They played their first London gig on Wednesday October 1st at New Shapes, Notting Hill Arts Club, where fans were able to get a taste of what to expect from the band’s debut album, Before the Waves, which is due for release in early 2015.

Before the Waves is available to pre-order now, with fans receiving an instant download of Texas and Out of Mind.

MVOTW: White Lightning- Raglans

Our music video of the week comes from Dublin band Raglans and their brand new single, White Lightning.

The fun, stop-motion video by Finn Keenan is the perfect accompaniment to the upbeat and raucous song, which will be released on October 26.

Lead singer Stephen Kelly said of the track, “The song is not about Cider! It’s about being away from someone and thinking a lot about it, how and where it began which is usually always the best part.’

The four-piece band, consisting of Kelly, Rhos Horan, Conn O’ Ruanaidh and Sean O’ Brien, have had a busy summer with appearances at Latitude, Redfest and British Summer Time with The Libertines. This autumn will see the band support US pop-rockers The Fray across Europe.

Raglans debut album is available to download now.

MVOTW: Chasing Rubies- Hudson Taylor

This week’s music video of the week comes from Hudson Taylor, with their brand new single Chasing Rubies.

The video, which is the follow-up to Battles, sees the duo perform with their acoustic guitars by the seafront.

Hudson Taylor, who hail from the outskirts of Dublin, stick to their established folk-pop genre with their catchy single. The track will be released on October 5 and has already gained attention from BBC Radio 1 with the likes of Huw Stephens, Fearne Cotton and Greg James being fans of the Irish duo.

The brothers will play their largest headline show to date at London’s Electric Ballroom following a support slot with fellow acoustic musician Jake Bugg on his national UK tour next month.

Chasing Rubies is available to pre-order now.

MVOTW: Creatures of the Night –Janet Devlin

Our music video of the week is Janet Devlin’s Creatures of the Night, the follow up track to her debut single,Running with Scissors.

The quirky, animated video, from rising director Gary Dumbill, is inspired by Janet’s love of cartoons and features psychedelic colours and strange hybrid creatures.

Creatures of the Night was co-written by folk singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner and his brother, Toby. Starting off acoustically, the song builds up to a feel-good, folk-driven pop song that will please fans of Devlin’s debut album. Speaking about what it was like working with Faulkner, Devlin said: “I’ve been a huge fan of Newton for years. To work with him was great; terrifying, but great! As soon as I got over the shock of meeting him it was straight to work“.

Janet will embark on her ‘My Delirium Tour’ across the UK in December, with tickets and tour information available from her website.

MVOTW: Creation- The Pierces

Our music video of the week is The Pierces’ video for Creation, a new track taken from the duo’s forthcoming album, which is due for release on September 1st.

The video for Creation, directed by Nick Frew of Dirty Robber, sees the sisters “play tormenters to a man who eventually discovers his own power and fights back to free himself”. Cat Pierce explained that the song is about “…how we sometimes suffer from our own invented misery and forget to just enjoy the experience of being human.”

The single sees a change in direction for the band, with a more free-spirited and bohemian feel inspired by the sisters’ move to California. There’s a soothing and melancholy sound to the track, which shares the melodies of their previous work yet feels more mature and sophisticated.

In support of the duo’s fifth studio album, The Pierces have announced a UK headline tour. Kicking off in Edinburgh, the band will play 10 cities across the UK with an appearance at London’s 02 Shepherds Bush Empire on September 23rd.

The tour dates are as follows:

16/09/2014 Edinburgh, Queens Hall
17/09/2014 Gatehead, The Sage
19/09/2014 Bristol, Trinity Centre
20/09/2014 Sheffield, Leadmill
21/09/2014 Manchester, Academy 2
23/09/2014 London, 02 Shepherds Bush Empire
24/09/2014 Birmingham, Glee Club
25/09/2014 Cambridge, Junction
27/09/2014 Liverpool, 02 Academy
28/09/2014 Nottingham, Rescue Rooms

Creation is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Influential Book Covers: From Old Classics to to Modern Favoritesa-clockwork-orange

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (Recommended by Chloe Dobinson)

Discovering that A Clockwork Orange was banned, while the film had been described as gruesome, grotesque and garish, only tempted me to read and judge the book for myself.

The numerous printed versions of the Anthony Burgess novel have featured many illustrations, with my own personal copy – a penguin edition – displaying a striking white against orange cover with the words ‘Banned Books’ sprawled across it. My favourite cover, however, is the ‘Modern Classics’ edition, which features a simple glass of milk. This image is both intriguing and appealing because it doesn’t give any hints as to what the story might be about, and it doesn’t try to influence the reader with fancy illustrations or words.

MVOTW: I am Dust -Gary Numan

This week’s music video of the week is Gary Numan’s I Am Dust. The track is taken from his EP of the same, and is also featured on Numan’s twentieth studio album, Splinter.

Chris Corner, the mastermind behind audio-visual project IAMX, directed the video for I Am Dust, which captures Numan’s huge stage presence and energy. The London born singer stated that Corner “knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it”.

Numan’s new track sees him take on a heavier and darker sound, whilst still keeping his popular electronic and synthetic style intact.

Following a national UK tour, Numan will headline Alt Fest on 16th August and the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo on 28th November.

The I Am Dust EP is available on iTunes now.

MVOTW: Wrong Club -The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings have unveiled the new video for Wrong Club, which will be released as a single on August 18th.

The video, which was directed by French/Italian Lisa Paclet, was filmed in an old warehouse in Paris and sees front-woman Katie White perform a choreographed dance to the upbeat and 70’s disco influenced song.

The duo’s third album, Super Critical, was recorded in Ibiza and is set to be released on October 20th. Diana Ross and 70’s New York are said to have had a heavy influence on the new album’s sound, which sees a different direction for the band.

Super Critical is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

MVOTW:Dark Bits, The Mispers

Alternative rock band The Mispers have released the new video for Dark Bits, taken from the upcoming EP of the same name, which will be released on July 27th.

The music video sees the band throw the ultimate house party for their fans with all the usual party antics of dancing, drinks and having fun. The video, directed by Michael Holyk, fits the mood of the upbeat and energetic song, with frontman Jack Balfour-Scott stating that the song was written about ‘friends finding refuge in unlikely places’.

The Mispers are set to play numerous festivals across the summer including Kendal Calling and Secret Garden Party, so catch them whilst you can.

Dark Bits is available to listen to on Soundcloud now.

MVOTW: Fallout, Catfish and the Bottlemen

Four-piece garage band Catfish and the Bottlemen have released the video for their new single, Fallout.

The video is both uplifting and catchy, much like the single itself, which will be released on July 7th. The track features gritty guitar and memorable lyrics with the repetition of ‘test tube baby’ through frontman Van McCann’s ardent vocals.

The band will play their largest ever headline show at London’s Koko this November, alongside the release of their debut album, The Balcony, which will be released in September. The album was recorded and produced by Jim Abbiss who has worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Bombay Bicycle Club and Editors, and will be released through Communion/Island Records.

Catfish and the Bottlemen’s success over the last 12 months has seen them earn three Radio 1 playlist slots. At the beginning of summer the band played the introducing stage at Glasgow’s Radio 1 Big Weekend and the next couple of months will see the North Welsh band play over 30 festivals including T in the Park, Latitude and Reading and Leeds.

Fallout is available to download now.

iTunes Festival Returns for 2014

iTunes Festival will return this September for its eighth year at Camden’s Roundhouse.

The 30 night festival of free music will see the likes Pharrell Williams, Calvin Harris and Kasabian play at the North London venue.

Last year’s event saw Arctic Monkeys, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake perform at the intimate venue to a small number of lucky ticket winners. Other acts set to perform this year include Kylie Minogue, Robert Plant and Five Seconds of Summer and, with a total of 60 acts yet to be announced, this year’s line up could be the best yet.

The festival will showcase some of the most popular artists in the world, along with up and coming bands and singers. Earlier this year the festival moved across the pond to the US, where the likes of Coldplay, Pitbull and Soundgarden performed a small series of gigs at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Fans can enter a ballot system through the iTunes website or keep updated throughout their Twitter page for which gigs they would like to enter. If they’ve been successful they’ll be notified a week before the event

For more information head to the festival’s website.

MVOTW: Break the Fall -Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh has unveiled the brand new video for Break the Fall, which is taken from her debut album, Soft Control, released later this year.

The video for the electro-pop track, which will be released on August 11th through Outsiders/Polydor, sees Welsh in slow motion black and white, as it tells the tale of betrayal. The track, which Welsh describes as coming ‘from a place she can’t explain’, refers to the breakdown of a marriage in her family.

Welsh has had a successful year following her recent collaboration with Gorgon City on Here For You, which she also co-wrote and performed at this year’s Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Isle of Wight Festival.

Break the Fall is available to download from iTunes.

Lily Allen Replaces Two Door Cinema Club at Latitude Festival

Two Door Cinema Club have pulled out of Latitude Festival, which is taking place this weekend (17th-20th July), due to illness. Frontman Alex Trimble was hospitalized with a severe stomach complaint, with Lily Allen stepping in as the replacement headliner.

After the announcement broke, the Smile singer received a fan backlash through Twitter, with Allen responding to criticism stating that she feels “exhausted by the nastiness”.

The London born singer will showcase material from her latest number one album, Sheezus, following her recent appearance at Glastonbury. The 29-year-old will join headliners Damon Albarn and The Black Keys, as well as a surprise guest performance for festivalgoers.

For more information about the headliner change head to the festival website.

Kasabian Announce 15-date UK Tour

Kasabian have announced that they will play a 15 date tour across the UK, kicking off in Glasgow on November 19th.

The news comes after the band closed the Pyramid Stage at last weekend’s Glastonbury with a thriving performance. The 19 song set, which featured covers of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy and Fatboy Slim’s Praise You, saw the band own the stage following their career which has spanned the last decade.

The UK tour will see Kasabian play five nights at London’s iconic venue Brixton Academy, which will be a great chance to catch the arena band in such a small venue playing their back catalogue of tracks. The UK tour will see The Maccabees support the L.S.F band on all their UK shows.

Kasabian’s latest album 48:13 is available to download now.

Kasabian’s UK tour dates are as follows:

19/11/2015 Glasgow, The SSE Hydro
21/11/2015 Leeds, First Direct Arena
22/11/2015 Birmingham, LG Arena
23/11/2015 Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
25/11/2015 Bournemouth, Bournemouth International Centre
26/11/2015 Brighton, Brighton Centre
28/11/2015 Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
01/12/2015 London, 02 Brixton Academy
02/12/2015 London, 02 Brixton Academy
04/12/2015 London, 02 Brixton Academy
05/12/2015 London, 02 Brixton Academy
06/12/2015 London, 02 Brixton Academy
09/12/2015 Belfast, Odyssey Arena
11/12/2015 Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
12/12/2015 Manchester, Phones 4u Arena

MVOTW: Over It -This Wild Life

Acoustic punk duo This Wild Life has unveiled the new video for Over It, the latest single taken from their debut album, Clouded.

The video takes a melancholy approach with a compelling acoustic guitar. It stars Zach Silverman and Allison Paige as a couple going through a break up and trying to get ‘over it’. Directed by Benjamin Disinger, the video combines clever camera work and continual editing to portray its emotional narrative.

The band’s debut album, Clouded, was released in May earlier this year, and they’ve achieved great success on the US Billboard chart, debuting as the #1 Top New Artist and #1 Top Alternative New Artist.

This Wild Life is currently embarking on the VANS WARPED TOUR, which will see the Californian band tour the US for the rest of the summer.

Clouded is available to download from iTunes.

Free Download of Calvin Harris’ Set At EDC Las Vegas

Calvin Harris has unveiled a free download of his full set at last weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival, which was held in Las Vegas.

The Scottish DJ has carefully crafted a brilliant set creating an energetic and engaging performance, which he constantly experiments with. The EDC 75 minute slot, featured Harris’ chart topping hits We Found Love, Under Control and his recent UK number 1 single, Summer, as well as remixes from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Martin Garrix.

Harris has been DJ-ing all over the world, most recently opening London’s Capital’s Summertime Ball. His popularity has seen him become one of the most in demand and well paid DJ’s of recent years. The set previews what to expect from the 30-year-old’s headline slot at next month’s T in the Park, which Harris will co-headline with Paolo Nutini.

The set is available to download through SoundCloud, whilst Harris’ current single, Summer, is available to download from iTunes.

MVOTW: LNOE, The High Wire

Three piece Canadian band The High Wire have unveiled the brand new video for their track LNOE, which is taken from their forthcoming album Found In Honey.

The video, which is directed by Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), stars British actor Ray Winstone and pays tribute to Whitecross’ contemporary film Ashes. The cinematic video syncs dramatically with the music, creating a dark and eerie feel to the track.

Found In Honey is the band’s third studio album following the release of their 2010 album, The Sleep Tape. It sees the London based band creating a more personal and emotive offering. Found in Honey was recorded at Coldplay’s Beehive Studio in London and was initially a solo process for frontman Tim Crompton. However after the completion of the debut album, new additions Alexia Hagen and Ross Forrest joined the lineup, forming a group songwriting project.

The High Wire’s album is released on 14th July.

The Libertines Announce European Tour

Recently reunited band The Libertines have announced that they will play a series of gigs across Europe this summer.

The shows, which will take place in France, Holland, Belgium and Germany, follow an announcement earlier this week that the band, fronted by Pete Doherty, is set to play Portugal’s Optimus Alive festival alongside Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys.

The Libertines will play a warm up gig in Glasgow, before they headline British Summer Time in London’s Hyde Park this summer. It’ll be The Libertines’ first live show since their Reading and Leeds festival appearance back in 2010.

The string of shows kicks off at Paris’ Zenith on 30th September, marking The Libertines’ first European tour in over 10 years.

Following this announcement, fans of the Time for Heroes rockers are wondering whether the band will announce a full UK tour and if they will record any new music to accompany it.

Tickets for the European tour go on sale this Friday (20th) at 9am.

Tour dates:

30/09/2014 Paris, Zenith
02/10/2014 Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall
03/10/2014 Brussels, FN Club
04/10/2014 Berlin, Columbiahalle
05/10/2014 Dusseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Halle

Music Video of the Week: Back In The World-David Gray

David Gray has unveiled the new video for his single, Back in the World.

The track, which is set to be released through Kobalt Label Services, was directed by Monty Whitebloom and sees Gray in multi-layered double-exposures. The video was shot in London and Romania, and makes clever use of graphic film title sequences reflecting Gray’s new sound and the track’s theme.

Back in the World is the first track from the singer-songwriter’s 10th studio album, his first in 4 years. In support of the new album, Mutineers, which is released later this month, Gray has announced an eight date UK tour which kicks off June 23rd and sees Gray headline London’s Royal Albert Hall on the 24th.

Mutineers is available to purchase.

David Gray’s 2014 tour dates:

23/06/2014 Birmingham, Symphony Hall
24/06/2014 London, Royal Albert Hall
26/06/2014 Gateshead, The Sage
28/06/2014 Westport Festival Westport, Ireland
30/06/2014 Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
02/07/2014 York, Barbican
03/07/2014 Manchester, Lowry Theatre
05/07/2014 Daytripper Festival, Waterford, Ireland
06/07/2014 Groove Festival County, Wicklow, Ireland
08/07/2014 Bristol, Colston Hall
09/07/2014 Bournemouth Pavilion

Shownights.com PRESENTS The Ultimate Football Party shownights_poster

In celebration of the 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil The Ultimate Football Party is taking place at Indig02, the 02 Arena, on June 14.

Football fans can sit back, relax and watch England’s first match against Italy, which kicks off at 11pm. Pre-match entertainment starts at 8pm and features Bell and Spurling performing their hit anthems ‘Sven Sven Sven‘ and Goldenballs.

Doors open at 7:30pm with general admissions to the event £10. VIP tickets are also available for £25 which includes VIP seating and bar. This event will be the largest gathering of England supporters outside of Brazil with the atmosphere set to be electric.

Here is our website for any more information with tickets available to purchase through Axs.com 

MVOTW:West Coast -Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has unveiled the brand new video for her upcoming single, West Coast. The video, which sees Del Rey act seductively across a West Coast beach, was directed by Vince Heycock and produced by Geoff McLean.

West Coast is set to be released in the UK on May 25th and was written by Del Rey and songwriter Rick Nowels, who has previously written for artists such as Cee Lo Green and Madonna. The track is taken from Del Rey’s long awaited second album, featuring West Coast and ten brand new tracks.

Ultraviolence, which coincides with Del Rey’s Glastonbury festival debut, is released on June 16th and is produced by The Black Keys front man Dan Auerbach. The Video Games singer has teased fans about what they can expect from the new album, which was recorded in Nashville, stating that it’s ‘darker than her first’ album, Born to Die, which received critical acclaim and has sold over 1 million copies in the US alone.

West Coast will be released though Polydor Records and is available to pre-order now.

Longfellow Announces New Single Kiss-Hug-Make Up

Longfellow’s new single Kiss-Hug-Make Up is set to be released on the 19th May on Fierce Panda Records.

The track opens with slow, reflective lyrics developing into a charming chorus. It’s already received praise, gaining a ‘track of the day’ nod from Q magazine and winning the BBC 6 Music Rebel Playlist.

The video for Kiss-Hug-Make Up will be released in the forthcoming weeks, having been filmed in an old theatre in Gloucester. A teaser still from the video can be seen below.

Formed in 2010, the five-piece band – hailing from London and the South East – has already achieved a lot of success in a short space of time. They supported Keane last October as well as receiving a considerable amount of radio airplay from stations XFM and BBC Radio 2. The indie pop band has also established initial support from the likes of Jo Whiley, Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq.

Longfellow will be performing in and around London over the next couple of months, kicking off at The Barfly on May 20th followed by a gig at this year’s Camden Crawl, which takes place on June 20th.

You can listen to Longfellow on Soundcloud or pre-order the single on iTunes now.

Fans Design The Family Rain’Bad Weather’ Tour Shirt

Following the announcement of their headline tour, The Family Rain have unveiled plans for fans to design their UK tour merchandise.

The six date tour, which will kick off in Birmingham on the 4th June and end at London’s Dingwalls, will see the trio decide on the best design which will then feature exclusively on the ‘Bad Weather’ tour.

Fans can upload their creations to social media sites with the hashtag #thefamilyrain or #badweathershirt with the winner being decided on the 23rd May. Once the winning design has been chosen and notified they will receive five copies of their designed shirt plus tickets to one of the upcoming shows from the band’s tour.

Speaking to drummer Tim Walter about the chance to design the band’s merchandise he said: ‘We are really interested in what designs people come up with. We have always designed our own t-shirts and wanted to see how talented everyone else is!’

The band have been busy touring relentlessly since in 2011, supporting the likes of Jake Bugg, Biffy Clyro, Miles Kane and Darlia. Coinciding with the release of their debut album Under the Volcano, the band are already working on new material following the release of their latest single Don’t Waste Your Time.

The Family Rain have already had a whirlwind few years getting signed to Virgin EMI and playing a gig in Shanghai for Burberry’s flagship store. This year will see the band play festivals all summer across Europe and they’re set to be working with Royal Blood and Band of Skulls producer Tom Dalgety.

The Family Rain tour dates are as follows:

04/06/2014 Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
05/06/2014 Leeds, Cockpit
09/06/2014 Manchester, Night and Day
10/06/2014 Glasgow, King Tuts
11/06/2014 Bath, Komedia
12/06/2014 London, Dingwalls

MWOTW: Stay- Lewis Watson

Singer-songwriter Lewis Watson has unveiled the music video for his latest single Stay, taken from his debut album The Morning, which is released on the 16th June.

The video, directed by actor Craig Roberts and produced by Keiran Mcgaughey, is set in an eerie graveyard and features Lewis as a ghost alongside a female protagonist. The single itself has a folk feel, showing the 21-year-old playing acoustic guitar accompanied by his heartfelt vocals.

Oxford born Watson has been touring the UK for the past couple of years and released five top ten EP’s on iTunes before being signed to his record label Warner Bros. Records. He looks “set to replicate Ed Sheeran’s success” [Sunday Times Culture] following the release of his debut album which features 11 brand new tracks.

Watson is near the end of his current UK tour but we’ll be seeing the up and coming talent return in September for a 12 date tour including a headline show at Shepherds Bush Empire.

Stay is available now and The Morning is available to pre-order on iTunes.

MWOTW: Guilty All the Same-Linkin Park

This week’s video of the week comes from Californian band Linkin Park with their brand new song Guilty All The Same.

The track sees the US band take a heavier and darker sound than their last 2012 studio album, Living Things, and is set to be taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Hunting Party.

The video uses Project Spark and encourages Xbox gamers to create their own version of the video and share with users. The video is aesthetically designed and alternative to traditional music videos by using graphics that make the viewer feel as if they’re transported into the video.

The Hunting Party, which will be released on the 16th June is Linkin Park’s sixth studio album with Guilty All the Sameavailable to purchase on iTunes now. Watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming album below.

New Remix of Lana Del Rey’s West Coast

A new version of Lana Del Rey’s single West Coast has been unveiled, remixed by Dan Auerbach.

Auberbach, who is the frontman of Ohio duo The Black Keys, has remixed the version for a radio edit – working with Del Rey on this track and her upcoming album, Ultraviolence.

West Coast, which is available to listen to here, sees Del Rey give her breathy vocals and seductive tone to the song creating a slicker and bluesy feel to the track showcasing what Auberbach does best as a producer and what to expect from the new album, following the release of Del Rey’s 2012 debut album, Born to Die.

Both artists have been confirmed to play Worthy Farm at this year’s Glastonbury festival, which will see The Black Keys perform on Sunday’s Pyramid Stage and Del Rey making her debut at the legendary event which will take place on 27-29 June.

West Coast is released on May 18th and is available to purchase on iTunes.

MVOTW: House of Cards- Janet Devlin

Janet Devlin has unveiled her new single, House of Cards, which is set to be taken from her debut album titled Running with Scissors.

Henry Steedman directed the video for the song, with the concept originating from Devlin herself. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel as it features playing cards, keys and even Devlin herself having a Wonderland dress as it sees her getting over a break up and moving on.

House of Cards is a folk-pop song, with Devlin’s soft acoustic guitar and melancholy lyrics. Discussing her single, Devlin said the track was written “after a bad breakup 2 years ago” with the song “getting more impersonal as it goes on”.

Running with Scissors, which features 10 brand new tracks and is set to be released on the 9th June, is not an album full of break up songs but sees Devlin showcase her voice with power ballads and a mix of folk and pop. It also sees her work with the likes of Newton Faulkner and Jack Savoretti.

Devlin is due to tour the UK later this year, which will see her step away from the X Factor limelight with an announced date at London’s Hard Rock Café on 11th June, just after the release of her debut album. Tickets are available now.

The Black Keys Announce New Track

The Black Keys have unveiled a new track titled Fever, which is set to be the first single taken from their eighth studio album Turn Blue.

The track, which is available to listen to below, is the first piece of new material since the Ohio duo’s 2011 El Camino album and sees the band mix their traditional blues with psychedelic.

Announced earlier this week on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show was the news that the band were to play this year’s Glastonbury festival, which takes place on 27-29 June, with the band set to perform on the pyramid stage underneath the yet to be announced Sunday headliners.

The psychedelic theme influences their choice of swirling artwork, showcasing a preview for what’s to come from the album which is released on May 18th featuring eleven brand new tracks.

Turn Blue sees band members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney co-produce their new album with Danger Mouse, who has produced the duo’s last two studio albums.

The track listing for True Blue:

1.Weight of Love
2. In Time
3. Turn Blue
4. Fever
5. Year in Review
6. Bullet in the Brain
7.  It’s Up to you Now
8.  Waiting on Words
9.  10 Lovers
10.In our Prime
11.Gotta Get Away

Kendal Calling Announces First Two Headliners

Suede and Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls have been announced to headline this year’s Kendal Calling festival.

The music festival, which will be held at the Lowther Deer Park in the stunning Lake District, will see up and coming talent and established bands come together, to perform across 8 stages for 3 days from the 1st August.

The brilliant Suede are confirmed, performing their back catalogue of hits including their recent 2013 album Bloodsports. Also headlining is Frank Turner (and the Sleeping Souls) who has performed at the festival twice previously following his sold out arena tour and will be bringing his folk-punk to the district.

The winner of Best Medium Festival in 2013 sees bands and DJ’s perform across the weekend. Other acts confirmed are De La Soul, Miles Kane, Happy Mondays and Tom Odell.

Kendall Calling, which is in its ninth year, has seen previous headline performances from the likes Seasick Steve, Dizzee Rascal and Mumford and Sons. Tickets for this year’s festival are £119 and, with more acts to be confirmed, it’s promised to be the festival’s best line up yet.

More Additions Added to Live at Leeds Line Up

50 more acts have been added to this year’s Live at Leeds festival, which takes place on the Bank Holiday weekend of May 2nd.

Newly announced acts including George Ezra, Tennis, Bipolar Sunshine and The Bug will play the metropolitan festival which takes place in and around various Leeds venues including The Cockpit, 02 Academy and Brudenell Social Club.


The festival showcases an array of up and coming talent as well an eclectic mix which will see headliners and chart toppers Clean Bandit, The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jnr and the brilliant new alternative band Wolf Alice perform.

The festival, which is in its sixth year, has seen the likes of Rudimental, Jake Bugg and London Grammar perform in recent years. With more acts yet to be announced and a total of 200 acts performing across 20 stages in one weekend, this year’s line up is looking to be the best yet.


Coldplay Announce New Album Details

Coldplay have announced the name of their new album which is titled Ghost Stories.

It will be the band’s sixth studio album, following 2011’s Mylo Xyloto, and will be released on 19th May, with the album being available to pre-order on iTunes and through the band’s website.

Yesterday Coldplay revealed that the first single to be taken from the album is titled Magic and it was played for the first time on Nick Grimshaw’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show. The Grammy award winning band have announced shows at the US iTunes festival and the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas.

Last week the London born band revealed a new track and video online called Midnight, which showed an eerie and unusual side to the band. There were mixed reactions to the new song, leaving fans and music reviewers wondering if the band have changed their music direction completely and if the new album will have a similar sound. The track’s video was directed by May Wigmore and produced by fellow musician Jon Hopkins.

All five previous albums released by Coldplay have gone straight to number 1 in the UK charts.

Here’s the track listing for Coldplay’s new album, Ghost Stories, which features 9 brand new tracks:

1.       Always in my head
2.       Magic
3.       Ink
4.       True
5.       Midnight
6.       Another’s Arms
7.       Oceans
8.       A Sky Full of Stars
9.       O

Why the 2014 Brit Awards were the best for Live Music….BRIT-Awards-2014-

The 2014 Brit Awards, which took place last Thursday at London’s 02 Arena, saw global acts come together to celebrate British music. There were surprise guests, live TV glitches and some of the best live music we have seen at the awards in previous years.

Kicking off proceedings was Sheffield’s finest Arctic Monkeys, who have surprisingly never played the awards show before. They provided a knee-jerking and raucous performance proving that they are one of the best British talents we have and one of the most in demand live acts in the world today. They performed R U Mine? from their fifth studio album AM, which was nominated for Best British album and won – providing a great start to the ceremony. For added drama and effects the band had an arena sized AM alight with the charismatic Alex Turner showing off his frontman credentials.

Another great performance came from the global superstar Beyoncé. Even though Queen B was not nominated for any awards, there was on-going speculation as to whether she would make a guest appearance at the ceremony and she didn’t disappoint. Performing her new track XO, which had not been performed live on TV before, Beyoncé gave a stripped back performance allowing her credible voice and her sparkling dress to provide the glamour she so easily exudes.

Next, an unlikely collaboration came from New Zealand singer Lorde and British dance newcomers Disclosure. Disclosure have collaborated with the likes of Sam Smith, London Grammar and recently Mary J Blige, proving that they can collaborate with just about any artist. The two artists combined genres to create a brilliant remix of Lorde’s  Royals and Disclosure’s White Noise. 

Another dazzling performance and unlikely collaboration came from Bastille and Rudimental. Bastille performed last year’s festival anthem Pompeii which showed how far the London band have come since 2010. Rudimental performed Waiting All Night, which was one of the most climatic performances from the night, showcasing how both bands will be at the top of the music scene for a long time to come.

Closing the 2014 ceremony were Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, who have both had a phenomenal year working with Daft Punk in addition to their own solo projects. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation to see the two of them perform together, promising they would have a surprise in store by performing a medley of hits. First they played Get Lucky, which got the crowd up on their feet going into Rodgers and Chic’s disco classic Good Times, before finally ending with Pharrell’s global hit Happy, which seemed like a fitting end to James Corden’s four year run as Brits host. Both Pharrell and Rodgers know how to put on a good performance, showcasing their back catalogue and playing songs that fans want to hear. This year’s Brit Awards not only displayed the amount of great talent we have in the music industry but also what great music British acts have produced within the last year.