General Elections -Political Broadcast 2010

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Who are they appealing to?

What is the main message?

Is the argument effective?

What does the presentation say about the message?


General Elections -Political Broadcast 2010

Eddie Izzard (Labour)

Left wing Founded on fairness
Believes in “brilliant Britain” A future for all
Britain does work hard Presentation is less serious/informal at times
Presentation is very forthright/slick Contrasting “broken society”
No background, just Izzard & positive  


David Cameron (Conservative)

Focuses on people’s lives Focus on working people
Helping other people Cameron’s voiceover
Family orientated Helping build a bedrock society
Sitting in someone’s garden, class, only people with owned houses can have gardens, not people in flats Creative jobs/ grow businesses
Focuses on “broken” society Vision on million people working together
Big society optimistic/ambiguous
A lot of promises Trying to re-brand their image
Open neck shirt/crinkled to look not overdone  

Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)

Britain is a strong country Focuses on fairness
Walking through headlines of promises (paper on floor) Different locations
Education, housing, employment, politics (all fairness) Protest party -cynicism people/ party who don’t agree with Labour/Conservative
Too good to be true Dramatic presentation/location
Tuition fees (first image on presentation, don’t break promises) Working class (referring to taxes and people’s pockets)
More about policies Paper represents (lying politicians, fairness)
Middle class people who feel neglected by the government  

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