Discourse Analysis

Media Research

Week 3- Discourse Analysis

-refers to language and talk

-for example spoken word, written word in newspapers

-transfer of medium, how messages are communication

-embedded meaning

Newspapers are a way to:

-communicate to their audience

–convey a message

Tabloid Newspapers

-most papers are tabloids The Times is a tabloid newspaper but better quality

-condense information into a tablet size

-downmarket paper

-The Sun, Mirror, Daily Star

-use language in a condensed way less writing, less columns, lower quality of vocabulary

Essential News

-pages 3,4,5 factual information most information

-what you select as a particular front story definers your interest as a reader

Commenting analysis

Editorial-a statement from the top management picking and choosing stories (this is what we think)

Columns-named columnists weekly, for own opinions highly paid

Critical linguistic analysis

-take the written word and break it down

-it means something to us, a meaning

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