Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is based upon public citizens playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analysing and disseminating news and information.  This information can vary from a podcast editorial, to a report it can include text, images, audio or video. Citizen journalism is mostly trying to communicate to a audience of some kind.

Citizen journalism can be in the form of a blog. A blog is way of communicating and understanding something you are passionate about. By discussing a topic you are passionate about such as film, music or novels it can generate respect and a sense of trust from the readers.

Also another form of citizen journalism can be an internet forum or message board. This is an online site where people discuss topics and share their opinion on the topic in the form of posted messages. These topics are separated into categories usually chosen by the host, or occasionally the server.

In recent years new media technology such as social networking and mobile phones have made citizen journalism more accessible to people worldwide. It is a highly effective way of spreading news, information and content.With many of the reporters using the social network site Twitter as an aid to find information making it more engaging not only for the producer but also for the consumers. The life expectancy of much exclusive information can now be measured in minutes, if not in seconds and can reach the consumers in a much faster way.

The future of news seems to becoming more and more online. This decision to go online has meant editors, writers and correspondents have been familiarizing themselves with yet another journalistic venue of interacting with their readers. The circulation of print newspapers have been dwindling in recent years due to new media technology of tablets and androids.  Newspapers have, in the modern world, played a significant role in the exercise of freedom of expression. However, Newspapers are always several hours behind the times of the events they are informing us about, because of the time it takes to print and distribute the paper itself.



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