Audio Production- Critical Essay

Audio Production

In class submission 2nd December

Submission uploaded to sites

One copy is uploaded onto the submission site

Audio will be uploaded in the first part of the session

Audio feedback will be given in the second part of the session

13th December will be handed into faculty office

featured image for the submission


Production Minute Meetings

Individual and Group

Producer needs to hand in the essay

Producer needs to keep a record of all the meettings

Producer needs to keep  a record of anything that you have experienced in your groups -what worked well, what did not work well, to illustrate any problems that you felt you did not achieve in your group, to qualify what you have produced, how you produced it and the group work in general.

Any good ideas, how you acted to a certain situation,

Minimum 500 words


Critical Essay

5 areas of academic references of sound

lists of recommended readings

Consider what are the issues with sound, particular challenged with sound, how you defined your topic with sound, theories on how you came to choose your audio, in a theoretical sense, the audience, access to sources, things that have a lot of stats, historical reference, complex material would rather see than somebody hear, simple clear topics, challenges of equipment such as mics environment, you need to consider who you have chosen to speak what you are trying to convey through the voice age, accent, influence of technology how they have changed sound, recording devices, user generated content,


stylistic approach features of producing documentaries -montage (a combination of sound clips with no narrative, the story) , the use of the narrative, vox pops, stings, effects, why you have used this technique, the decision making process and what it brings to audio. In a theoretical approach such as previous recordings, research

Interrelation form and content-how you apply the theory, the relationship between the form and content.

Consider your own choices with what you have learnt so far.





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