Album Review: self-titled, EofE

 EofE will be releasing their highly anticipated self-titled album on October 9, and with their bold and raucous sound, it’s a debut that’s sure to gain the band a lot more followers.

The five-piece black country band’s opening track, Get Caught, starts off as it means to go on – with confidence. It’s a guitar heavy song with pounding drums that showcases exactly what’s yet to come from the hotly tipped breakthrough band; lots of head banging noise, booming vocals and foot stomping beats.

Wake Up and Bridges follow suit, continuing the fast pace and delivering explosive choruses that demand to be sung along to in large arenas with massive crowds.

Taking a slight breather from the thunderous rock of previous tracks, Save The Night has a more commercial sound, whilst the verses on Waiting for Olivia slow things down and reveal a hidden softness to frontman Tom Harris’ incredible vocals.

The gentle and melodious intro of Lifeboat offers a small respite from the album’s intensity, lulling listeners into thinking that they might be in for a slower song to mark the halfway point, but EofE refuse to relent for very long and soon those roaring choruses are back. The mix of catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics continues against the backdrop of pounding rock, with Only Get Better, Y.O.U and Ruins maintaining energy and enthusiasm right until the end.

With their debut album, EofE have displayed a fierce and explosive talent that will rival the more mainstream British rock bands on the music scene. Having played a number of festivals over the summer, now we wait for the band to start their next tour of the UK. We’ll be first in line for tickets.


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