The Flow of News

There are two areas in a publishing house:commercial and editorial.

Very distinct groups of people, who work separately but are symbiotic. There used to be a very big divide, but there is less of one now because of things like sponsored editorial, advertorials/commercial features and a lot of ad campaigns that are very content based. That is because content is key and is what brings in an audience.

Classified advertising- is the advertising traditionally found in the back of magazines, traditionally classified advertising used to be the backbone of all publications, which brought in a lot of the money.

Displayed advertising- are large adverts displayed throughout the magazine

Telesales-people in the office on the phone, would of dealt with classified advertising deal with jobs,

Field sales-they go out and meet clients


Editorial                     Commercial

Managing editor


Managing editor

Banking          Retail              World news            UK news             Commodities                Energy              (each have an editor and reports)


Editorial (Teams)

Reporters                                              Production

editor                                                          chief sub

deputy editor                                         deputy sub

news editor                                           team of 6 subs

features editor



You get a patch area for instance Greenwich

You report on that area and will automatically get stories on that area

Gets sent to subs, they will:


-Proof read

-check facts


-stand first

-finds pictures ( in a bigger organization, the pictures would be sourced by the art department)

-check facts

-cut the copy

– rewrite the copy

As a reporter, you have no say once the story is handed to the subs. Once that’s all ready, they then put it onto the flat pan and then it is printed out, ready for the deputy editor to pass the page (final approval). Usually at this point, either the adverts have been sold and are ready to go on the page or are still empty, the editorial then goes to the advertising department and the adverts are put on.

In most organizations you usually have conference in the morning, and it normally is with the desk editors who will go in with the editor and talk about the stories they have on that day.