5 Things to do for a beginner Investigator

Investigative Journalism-Week 4

Source Map– Create a source map at the beginning of your investigation. It will contain people involved in the story and all the information you have about them. Keeps you organised and is visually appealing.

Interviews-easier on the interviewee by talking about something they are passionate about, it will create a sense of flow and will be easier to talk to.

Interviews- Build rapport with the source makes you trusted as a journalist and can create a balanced relationship, more open in the interview.

Don’t use the word “interview” when contacting sources– This can make people feel overwhelming and worry the source making them not ant to talk to you.

Make the source feel comfortable-Allow the source to choose the interview location in either their home or a public place will allow both interviewer and interviewee to be more comfortable and relaxed, it will represent a great deal of information about the source.

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