Off The Beaten Track

Dusseldorf, Germany

Explore Dusseldorf

Just Go and Explore The city has plenty to offer whether you are exploring the old town, tourist attractions or back streets of Dusseldorf. For every area, you pass it is filled with a rich history of cathedrals and monuments making Germany a notable place to visit. Dusseldorf is a mid-priced city in terms of costs. According to Expatistan, the city is the sixth most expensive place to visit in Germany.

Walk to the Rhine Tower

Rhine Tower The Rhine Tower is a telecommunications tower with a 360-degree view of Dusseldorf and neighboring city Cologne. It stands at 174.5 meters high and is the tallest building in Dusseldorf. The sculpture features an observation deck, restaurant and bar and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. There is a small entrance fee of 9 euros which can only be paid in cash.

Go to the Classic Remise

Classic Remise Classic Remise is a place for vintage and classic cars. Even if you don’t know your spark plugs to your air filters this center has everything you can imagine in terms historic vehicles. There are only two of these centers in the world (the other being in Berlin) so is well-worth a visit and something different to do on a holiday.

Visit Fischmarkt

Fischmark Located along Dusseldorf Tonhallenufer, Fishmark features around 90 stalls selling fish, fruit and veg, flowers and crafts. However, check your holiday dates as the market is only on for seven Sunday throughout the year between April and November. Expect the market to be busy with many people enjoying the food, drink and entertainment that they have on offer.

Drink an Erdinger

Drink an Erdinger Germany is famous for its production in beers and Dusseldorf is no different. Local breweries such as Uerige, Fuchschen and Kurzer are all great and well worth a visit and if you want to try some of their local beer. There are endless bars, pubs and restaurants which offer local, national and international beer, however, I couldn’t get enough of Erdinger Weissbrau Weissbier which is a wheat beer.

Krakow, Poland

Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau camp

Auschwitz Birkenau Camp A recommended tour if you visit Krakow. The grounds of the camp are free of charge to visit but it is well worth getting a tour guide who will educate and give you a full history of the sites itself. Although, it is not for the faint-hearted Auschwitz-Birkenau Camp has remains including shoes, glasses, gold teeth and hair removed from the victims, demonstrating a fraction of what went on inside the camp. The grounds feature a crematorium, gas chambers, barracks and the camp commandant’s office.

Walk to the Old Square

Old Square Also known as the Main Square it is situated near the old town of Krakow and is at the centre of the shops, bars and restaurants of the Polish city. The square has horse and carts, a cloth hall and al-fresco dining on the outskirts with tourists easily losing a few hours on the square alone.

Go the castle

Wawel Royal Castle Situated in central Krakow, Wawel Royal Castle overlooks the whole of the city while also gaining a real history of the Polish royalty. Inside the castle, visitors can expect to see chambers, staterooms, and historic Polish art as well as temporary and permanent exhibitions. The cathedral alone is well worth the visit. It is beautifully maintained with its stunning architecture and stand out views along the river. Each entrance to the castle has a separate ticket fee with no ticket available for a combined fee to all of the entrances and exhibitions. However, the castle has a set day and time during certain periods of the year where the public can visit the castle for free but it is first come first serve.

Try the local cuisine

Try the local cuisine Whether it’s street food, fine dining or cafes Krakow is one of the cheapest places to eat in Europe. They are local food walking tours available, however, tourists should get lost in the city and embrace their local cuisine. Foods such as pierogi (stuffed dumplings), pickled cucumber and cabbages are renown Polish dishes.

Go to the Wodka Cafe Bar

Wodka Cafe Bar Poland is known for their love of vodka and the Wodka Cafe Bar has one of every imaginable flavour you can think of. Although, small inside it does host an array of beer and cocktails as well as vodka tasting with lemon, mint, honey and chocolate all available to try. It’s situated near the Old Square so is easily manageable to find your way back to your hotel.